Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 3rd May 2021 Written Update: Darsh threatens Nandini

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Screenshot 2021 0421 185334

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Episode starts with Darsh forcefully cleaning Nandini. He states that he doesn’t like gross people, at that time he hears Rajvi’s voice and leaves Nandini. He threatens her to pretend to be happy in front of his mother. She looks at his behaviour being confused. He goes away, while she steps out of the washroom and gets emotional seeing her broken anklet. She breaksdown questioning herself about the reason for Darsh’s changed behaviour.

Here, Shobhit gets restless and prays to get Darsh’s help as soon as possible. He tries to calm himself, when Chetan sees him and teases about his first night. He questions him about Darsh and gets frustrated. He then calls Charmi but she doesn’t receives his phone.

Gunjan walks being sleepy and goes to some other table. Rajvi and her family laughs seeing Gunjan, while Vipul jokes about her making them laugh. Namrata calls Gunjan and then taunts her. Rajvi stops Namrata and ask Gunjan to sit along with them. Darsh comes there and meets Shobhit. He ask Shobhit to join them, whereas Shobhit gets shocked seeing Darsh behaving normal about the chaos. He thinks that why Darsh is so calm even after knowing the truth of his forced marriage and Nandini’s truth? He tries to talk to Darsh, but latter asks him to sit with Gunjan.

Nandini comes there and greets the family. She decides not to reveal them about Darsh’s peculiar behaviour, as it can hurt their emotions. She sits besides Darsh and states that she is ready for post-marriage cooking ritual. Darsh appreciates her for acting by whispering into her ears. Rajvi welcomes both her daughter-in-law’s into their family. She notify them about their reputations and advices them to be selfless for the family.

Keshav joins Rajvi and apprises them about his parents and their values. Rajvi jokes to lighten the environment. Whereas, Shobhit misunderstands Darsh. He thinks that Darsh is happy along with Nandini and is not ready to help him. He mutters that Darsh got his love Nandini and so won’t do anything to expose her.

Gunjan tries to start conversation with Shobhit but he ignores her. He gets irked with Darsh’s behaviour and gets up to leave. Darsh stops him and ask him to have breakfast but he goes away making an excuse. Darsh feels guilty and thinks that he can’t reveal about Nandini’s truth to Shobhit or Rajvi as it can break them. He further promises to bring Shobhit out of his forced marriage.

Elsewhere, Shobhit cries sitting by the pool side. He feels betrayed by Darsh. He tries to call Charmi but she keeps ignoring his calls. He gets irked and imagines himself besides him. His other self shows him the scenario where he causes the accident, in which Darsh lost his eyesight. His other self tagged him to be a fool to care for his brother. It states that Darsh’s always used and made fool of him. His reflection taunts him about sacrificing his love for Darsh.

Shobhit keeps crying, while his other self scolds him for being useless and reminds him about Charmi’s words that Darsh only cares about his happiness. Shobhit slips down inside the pool and emerges out with hatred in his eyes. He determines to take revenge from Darsh and Nandini. He states that his brother have only seen his love and now will have to face his hatred too. He oaths not to let Darsh be happy with Nandini.

Precap:- Shobhit burns Darsh’s pictures and determines to create rift in between Nandini and Darsh. Whereas, Nandini gets shocked seeing Darsh’s behaviour.

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