Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 5th May 2021 Written Update: Namrata accuses Nandini and her family for stealing the gold coins

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Screenshot 2021 0421 185334

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Episode starts with Nandini walking around being lost in her thoughts. Rajvi sees her and calls her for perform a post-marriage ritual. Nandini goes towards Rajvi and joins Gunjan. Rajvi asks about Darsh, while Nandini was about to make some excuse when Darsh comes there. Rajvi apprises them about the ritual. She asks Darsh and Shobhit to whisper their favourite sweet in Nandini and Gunjan’s ear, so that they can make it for their first cooking ceremony.

Rajvi excitedly makes Shobhit and Darsh to sit, while Shobhit glares Darsh angrily. Darsh shows his disinterest towards the ritual. Rajvi asks Nandini and Gunjan to sit on their husband’s lap and demands Darsh and Shobhit to compliment their wives. Nandini and Gunjan sits on Darsh and Shobhit’s lap respectively. Darsh holds Nandini’s arm tightly causing her pain, while she masks her expression. Rajvi ask them to start with the ritual, whereas Darsh indirectly taunts Nandini. Ahead, Shobhit fake praises Gunjan making her smile. Darsh whispers to Nandini that he will anyhow dislike her handmade sweets.

Here, Keshav comes along with a box. He apprises them about the ritual of touching the coin before getting inside the kitchen. He opens the box and gets shocked seeing two gold coins missing. Everyone gets startled. Meanwhile, Rajvi and Shobhit goes to search it.

Namrata indirectly accuses Gunjan and Nandini for stealing the coins. She points finger on their character and family. She states that maybe Bansuri and Naveen have stolen the coins. Nandini looks at Darsh, who stays silent and remembers the time when he supported her against Namrata.

She faces Namrata and defends herself and her family. She states that maybe Namrata herself have hidden the coins. Namrata fumes in anger. Nandini apologises to Keshav for her behaviour and says that she can’t stay quiet when it comes to her family. Keshav appreciates her and ask Darsh to teach a lesson to Namrata. Whereas, Darsh supports his sister stating that Nandini and Gunjan can prove their innocence by showing their bags. Keshav gets furious at Darsh, while Nandini agreed to fulfill Darsh’s demand. Namrata smirks as Darsh ask her to check Gunjan’s bag and he himself goes to check Nandini’s luggage.

Elsewhere, Rajvi checks their stuffs and gets worried about the coins. Shobhit also searches their bags. She confronts Shobhit and ask if he is happy with the marriage? She says that his love for Darsh is exceptional. She appreciates him and goes away, while he screams in anger that everyone cares only for Darsh.

Darsh keeps searching Nandini’s bag, while she confronts him. She cries asking him to tell her about the matter. She states that she can face accusations of the world but can’t bear his allegations. She says that she can’t live in a relationship where there is no respect. She packs her bag and decides to leave but he stops her saying that might be she have hidden the coins inside her saree. He picks her up and puts her upside down. She gets shocked with his act and instantly goes away.

Rajvi scolds Namrata for searching Gunjan’s bag. Keshav informs her about Darsh’s behaviour while she gets dumbstruck. At that time Chetan comes there with the coins and says that he have taken it to polish it. Namrata gets stunned, whereas Rajvi shouts at her.

Nandini goes away with her bag while Rajvi and her family tries to stop her. They apologises to her from Darsh’s side and ask her to stay. They tries to make her understand but Nandini stays firm on her decision stating that she can’t stay with the one who doesn’t respect her.

Precap:- Nandini decides to leave while Rajvi’s health deteriorates seeing the scenario. Everyone starts panicking and ask Darsh to call the doctor. Nandini gets shocked seeing Rajvi and stops at her place.

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