Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 6th April 2021 Written Update: Nandini refuses to marry Darsh

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Today’s episode starts with Darsh saying to Nandini that every girl has some dream with her wedding. He says to Nandini that whenever she will ask her post getting ready than he will not be able to praise her beauty. Darsh gets upset. Nandini ask Darsh when he first met her and brush away her hair then what he felt about her hair. Darsh says her hair are soft. Nandini further asks Darsh when he catch her than what he felt about her body language. Darsh says he feel she is thin. He advices Nandini to eat sweets to gain weight. Nandini smile and asks about her height too. Darsh guess Nandini’s height too. Nandini asks Darsh to read her by his heart. Darsh put bindi on Nandini’s forehead. Nandini asks Darsh how he learned, bindi is missing from her forehead. Darsh says to Nandini that he see her by his heart.

Ahead, Darsh smile thinking about Nandini. Shobhit come and tease him. He says to Darsh that he know well that he might have confirmed from Nandini first post learning from Rajvi about his allinace. Darsh shy. He further asks Shobhit why he said yes for the wedding. Darsh says to Shobhit he always dream of doing love marriage than why he said yes to marry Gunn. Shobhit recall Rajvi’s condition and lie to Darsh. He says to Darsh that Charmi is just good friend. Darsh insists Shobhit to meet Gunn before wedding.

Darsh and Shobhit goes to Nandini’s house. Nandini asks Darsh why he is here so soon. Darsh says to Nandini that family will come next day and today he is here to make Shobhit meet Gunn. Shobhit refuses to meet Gunn. Darsh send Shobhit to meet Gunn.

Other side, Rakla meet Gunn. Gunn and Rakla argue with each other. She tells to Rakla about her wedding. Gunn tells to Rakla that he will faint when he will hear where her alliance is being fixed. Rakla refuses to hear Gunn and leaves the place. Shobhit comes from behind. Gunn stands shocked seeing Shobhit.

Later, Darsh asks Nandini what kind of wedding she wants. Nandini says during her childhood she wanted to elope and do wedding. Darsh runs with Nandini and says he will fulfil her wish. Nandini asks Darsh what he is upto. Darsh says they will do half-marriage today. Nandini asks what half-marriage is. Police out there see Nandini struggling. He misunderstand Darsh and tries to arrest him for troubling a girl. Shobhit comes for Darsh’s rescue.

Furthermore, Darsh takes Nandini to the lawyer to register their wedding. Shobhit asks Darsh the reason. Darsh tells because Nandini wishes to have wedding by escaping the house thus, he is fulfilling her half-wish. Nandini, Shobhit and Darsh stands shocked when lawyer out there tell them that Nandini’s marriage is already registered with someone else. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Nandini tells to Bansuri she don’t know who is Moped. Moped wishes to marry Nandini. Nandini tries to clarify Darsh that she is not betraying him.

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