Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 6th March 2021 Written Update: Darsh and Shobhit meets with an accident?

Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 6th March 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Today’s episode start with Darsh saying to Rawal’s that to make him feel normal all tries to bring change in their lifestyle. He delivers an emotional speech. Darsh asks Rajvi to accept the fact that he is blind. Rajvi asks Darsh not to call himself blind. Darsh says if he would have kept stick with him than that girl would have not fallen neither would have close to him. Rawal’s stands teary. Darsh asks Rajvi to keep stick on several other places. Rajvi break the stick and says to Darsh that he will not use stick at all. She was about to fall and Darsh catch her. Rajvi says to Darsh if without stick he can give her support so that she don’t fall prove he don’t need any stick. She adds his wife too will not let him use the stick. Darsh think one day Rajvi has to accept the fact that he is bind. Other side, Nandini sleep on an empty stomach. She says she had four glass of water still she is hungry. Nandini tie dupatta on her stomach and tries to sleep. She see Bansuri and act that she is sleeping. Bansuri see dupatta on Nandini’s stomach and think if she is hungry today too.

Bansuri gets teary seeing Nandini. She says that is she would have known post her wedding she has to bear than she would have never got married. Vanlata ask Bansuri to bring water else she will not be able to sleep. Nandini feels bad for Bansuri and says because of her post wedding ritual got ruined. There, Rawal’s sit for dinner. Darsh says to Rawal’s that he will serve food to them today. Rawal’s stand shocked. Darsh ask Rajvi if she don’t trust him that he can normally serve food. He asks Parul to keep forward her bowl. Darsh spill the food. Rawal’s sit speechless. Rajvi help Darsh without letting him know. Darsh think he will make Rajvi understand that he is not normal. Ahead, Rawal to cheer Rajvi’s mood offer her rose and pan. Shobhit bring rose too. Rajvi yells at him and reveals 3 years back because of his rash driving, Darsh lost his eye-sight. Shobhit recall the past as how he met with an accident along with Darsh. Rajvi leave the place. Vipul console Shobhit.

Other side, Rajvi prays to God and ask to help her find a suitable girl for Darsh within 30 days. In the morning, Nandini cook for Vanlata’s family. Here, Rajvi announce discount on sweets. Darsh reveal Rajvi vent out at God thus she has announced about discounts. He also reveal about Nandini calling her rogue. Rajvi get angry. Darsh says she should be happy atleast someone find him normal. Rajvi gets curious about Nandini. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Nandini and Darsh meet accidentally.

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