Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha: Darsh and Nandini to catch the culprit?

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Star Plus’s show Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha is loved by fans due to it’s unique story line. With Darsh realising how he was wrong about Nandini and her intentions, viewers are now more excited to watch them unite.

With Nandini’s character being strong headed it seems bit difficult for her to get convinced easily. With Gunjan trying her ways to get rid of Nandnini, even Shobhit is trying to separate the couple as he wants to take revenge of Charmi’s death.

With so many revenge planned against the lovely couple, what will happen ahead, will be interesting to watch!

In the current track, Rajvi asks Nandini to be a friend to Darsh and help him. Nandini agrees. Ritesh comes to see Darsh’s wound, there Ritesh tells Darsj about a lot of things.

Shobhit instigates Darsh and Nandini against each other. Nandini is bringing medicines for Darsh when, Namrata accuses her of giving Darsh incorrect medicines. Nandini is embarassed as her english is not good. Darsh supports Nandini, he suggests her to join a class. Nandini agrees.

Darsh stays with Nandini even during the class. Here, Rakla shows the rotten sweets to Gunjan saying now everyone will badmouth Rawal sweets. Gunjan is happy seeing her plan succeed. Nandini adores the loving behaviour of Darsh.

Nandini then goes to Rajvi to learn some business terms, Namrata comes and taunts Nandini. To this, Nandini calls Namrata judgmental. Here, Shobhit is making Darsh run here and there while playing cricket.

Shobhit manipulates Darsh that Nandini doesn’t like his presence while her classes are going on but Rajvi listens to this and corrects Shobhit saying infact she loves it. Darsh gets happy.

Darsh notices Nandini worried about what his family thinks of Nandini so to make her realise he asks her why does what his family thinks of her affects her? To which Nandini also thinks, if she is planning to leave soon then why is she affected. Later, Darsh checks the reviews and asks Nandini to read the reviews.

They are shocked to see negative comments. Nandini feels Gunjan is behind it. Here, Gunjan and Rakla are planning how they will earn so much more. Rakla tries to come close to Gunjan but she warns him. Here, Nandini comes to ask Gunjan about the same but Gunjan denies.

Shobhit comes and Nandini changes the topic. Here, Nandini suggests an idea to announce to everyone about how they make their sweets so that consumers will trust them. Rajvi plans a press conference with Reena who is very famous. Reena comes but starts criticising Darsh for being blind.

Nandini makes Reena see how Darsh is a famous photographer even after being blind, that’s so rare. Reena then appreciates Darsh but later states that she has also eaten the sweets and the quality is not good. Darsh will give Reena real Rawal sweets, Reena praises it. She shows her packing of sweets.

Nandini is determined to find the culprit. She aska Reena to help them by asking her to order sweets. Reena agrees. Darsh and Nandini try to find thw culprit in the shop and factory but are unable to find.

When they return home they learn that thier biggest investor Jhunjhunwala is coming and he is very upset. Police also comes to take Darsh as due to their sweets many people fell ill. Darsh goes with them. Nandini thinks to do something asap.

In the upcoming episodes, The board members will ask Rajvi to remove Darsh and close the Goa branch. Rajvi and Darsh will be shocked while Shobhit will feel happy. Nandini will be about to catch the culprit but the culprit will push Nandini and will about to throw stones at her.

How will Nandini face this new challenge? Will Shobhit suceed in taking revenge? What is in store for the lovely couple, Nandini and Darsh?

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