Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha: Gunjan’s lies to get caught?

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Star Plus’s show Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha is all set to see some major twists and turns. With Rajvi returning to the show, it will be interesting to watch how things unfold and will Nandini really get kidnapped? The show will be seeing two weddings. One of Darsh and Nandini and another of Shobhit and Gunjan. Like in every wedding, even in this one, there are going to be lots of twists and turns. The chemistry between the duo, Darsh and Nandini is appreciated and is one of the main reasons for the hike up in the viewership of the show.

In the current track, a worried Nandini fails to wear a saree so she comes to Darsh. Darsh helps her wear the saree. They share some close and cute moments. Darsh gets her jewellery to make her wear them. Darsh shouts saying this Kamar bandh is fake. Nandini says your family gave it then how? Darsh says I have allergy from fake gold and shows the rash. Nandini is shocked. They leave for Naveen’s house. Darsh shows them all that the Kamar bandh is fake. Naveen worries. Gunjan’s lies gets caught. Naveen scolds her.

Gunjan says sorry and says she got jealous of Nandini as she got all the jewellery. Shobhit scolds Gunjan and says it is nothing like that. Darsh says Shobhit is my dearest and you will be his wife so you will also get whatever you want. Darsh asks her to keep the Kamar bandh and he is going to bring a new one for Nandini. Nandini says no it’s not required. Later, Shobhit and Darsh leaves to bring Rajvi from airport. Nandini gets to know that Darsh has dreams to marry in Goa. So, she calls Rajvi and plans for a destination wedding. Rajvi feels proud of Nandini.

In the upcoming episodes, sindoor will fall from Rajvi’s hand and she will feel it’s a bad sign and will worry that what if something bad happens. Here Rakla threatens Nandini will doing her Haldi. She will get shocked.

How will Nandini face this new challenge? What is in store for the lovely couple, Nandini and Darsh? Will Shobhit be caught up in his own lies? Will Mohan succeed in his plans?

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