Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha: Nandini to be attacked by goons?

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Star Plus’s show Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha is loved by fans due to it’s unique story line. With Darsh realising how he was wrong about Nandini and her intentions, viewers are now more excited to watch them unite. With Nandini’s character being strong headed it seems bit difficult for her to get convinced easily.

With Gunjan trying her ways to get rid of Nandnini, even Shobhit is trying to separate the couple as he wants to take revenge of Charmi’s death. With so many revenge planned against the lovely couple, what will happen ahead, will be interesting to watch!

In the current track, Shobhit is trying his level best to make Darsh jelaous about Nandini and Ritesh. They decide to go for a movie but Nandini refuses. Darsh asks her to go and enjoy. Nandini comes back early and says she didn’t enjoy it and wants to watch with him.

Nandini explains every scene while making Darsh watch it. They enjoy. Shobhit comes back and tells Darsh how Nandini’s friendship band given by Ritesh got lost so that’s why she came back early. Next day, Nandini and Darsh go to his eye doctor. Nandini then asks Darsh to explain all the medical terms to him, Darsh says no teasingly.

Here, Rajvi wins an award. Gunjan instigates Darsh against Nandini but he takes a stand for Nandini. Shobhit asks Nandini to ask Ritesh about the medical terms. Nandini goes and asks Ritesh and they also discuss about Ritesh’s love interest Kinjal. Shobhit tells Darsh about Nandini going to meet Ritesh.

Darsh gets anxious. Parul get’s to know about her health conditions but doesn’t tell Rajvi. Parul tells Chetan about it and they ask Rajvi for their share in property, shocking Rajvi. Here, Darsh and Nandini spend cute romantic moments, when Darsh gives Nandini his grandmother’s bracelet and asks her not to lose it as it’s very special to him.

Here, Ritesh gets a reply from Kinjal so he asks Shobhit what to do next but Shobhit convinces Ritesh to talk to Nandini about it. Ritesh calls up Nandini at night, making Darsh suspicious. With Shobhit making Ritesh go and talk to Darsh, Darsh becomes jealous more and more. Gunjan arranges a goon to steal Nandini’s bracelet and Ritesh saves Nandini from goons upsetting Darsh.

In the upcoming episodes, Darsh will get to know Shobhit got the bracelet from the shop where as Shobhit will lie. Darsh will question him.

How will Nandini face this new challenge? Will Shobhit suceed in taking revenge? What is in store for the lovely couple, Nandini and Darsh? Keep following this space for more updates on your favourite shows.