Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha: Nandini to be doubted by Darsh again?

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Star Plus’s show Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha is loved by fans due to it’s unique story line. With Darsh realising how he was wrong about Nandini and her intentions, viewers are now more excited to watch them unite.

With Nandini’s character being strong headed it seems bit difficult for her to get convinced easily. With Gunjan trying her ways to get rid of Nandnini, even Shobhit is trying to separate the couple as he wants to take revenge of Charmi’s death. With so many revenge planned against the lovely couple, what will happen ahead, will be interesting to watch!

In the current track, Darah comes and helps Nandini in her speech. Everyone praises Nandini. Rajvi takes Darsh and Nandini to room and praises their gift. She makes Darsh put flower in Nandini’s hair.

Darsh does it but incorrectly. When they ho out, Ritesh sees the flower and tries to correct it. Nandini says I like it in the way Darsh put it. Darsh becomea happy. Gunjan is angry with Vanalta for ruining her life.

Vanalta takes her anger on Bansuri. She gets an attack. Darsh helps Bansuri. Vanalta tries to instigate Darah saying that Nandini made Bansuri marry Naveen who is double her age because she wanted to get rid of her disease. Darsh does not believe Vanalta and shouts at her.

Vanalta says soon Nandini will leave you for your blindness. Vanalta leaves. Nandini shares her emotions with Darsh and he feels happy. But Nandini also says how she is still her secretary.

Rajvi and Vipul pretend to fight to make Nandini and Darsh realise. Next day, Nandini meets Ritesh who tells her a surgery is introduced. Nandini becomes happy. Later, they go to eat ice cream, Vanalta sees this and send pictures to Gunjan. Gunjan smirks thinking she will create problems between Darsh and Nandini using this.

In the upcoming episodes, Gunjan tries to instigate

How will Nandini face this new challenge? Will Shobhit suceed in taking revenge? What is in store for the lovely couple, Nandini and Darsh?

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