Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha: Rajvi to accuse Nandini of a big shocking thing!

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Aapke Nazron Ne Samjha, the show was and always is appreciated for it’s unique storyline. With Darsh and Nandini married, viewers expected many things but instead Darsh and Nandini got separated and Rawals now think that Nandini is dead. With Charmi bring brought by Rajvi as Nandini, viewers are excited and hoping to see the trith getting revealed soon. With so many tracks and twists left open in the show, it has successfully kept it’s viewers on the edge of their seats.

In the current track, everyone blame Nandini to question and doubt Namrata. Darsh assured Namrata that Nandini won’t interfere in her matter. Later, Nandini finds out it was Bansuri and Naveen who called Aatish to create troubles. Rajvi starts acting differently and coldly with Nandini thinking she shared about Namrata’s problems with Bansuri.Parul plays with Vini and thinks what if Nandini doesn’t let her have Vini. Later, Darsh is shocked to see Charmi in his room and finds the door to be jammed. Nandini also finds the door locked and wonders. When Charmi pretends to ask for help that door is locked. Nandini is shocked. Here, Charmi acts to faint. Rajvi asks Darsh to give mouth to mouth but just then Nandini arrives and asks Shobhit to give it. Charmi sees her plan fail and wakes up. Namrata plants a conspiracy where it is portrayed that Aatish tried to kidnap Vini. Parul saves Vini and blames Aatish. Later, Parul asks Nandini to let her adopt Vini. Nandini thinks about her moments with Vini. Later, Nandini finds out Namrata’s party pictures on the day she said Aatish tortured her. The gaurd of school also confirms that it was Namrata who bribed him. This shocks Nandini. Shobhit hears Charmi say things against Nandini so he takes a stand for Nandini which upsets Charmi. Namrata and Charmi makes Vini afraid that Darsh will take Nandini away which makes Vini insecure. Charmi thinks now Vini won’t let Nandini. But Nandini tackles Vini such that she goes to Parul and Charmi gets shocked. Here, Nandini and Darsh go on a date while Namrata becomes nervous thinking court and police are getting involved. Later, Nandini tells Darsh that Namrata is lying. Darsh denies to believe her and they have a fight. Nandini doesn’t stop finding the truth and contacts the maid in Aatish’s house. When Nandini brings her to Rawals, she also blames Nandini to have bribed her. Everyone blames Nandini and she gets upset. Charmi and Namrata feel they are winning. Later, amidst all the fights, Nandini and Darsh have a small moment together which makes Charmi anxious! Later, Rajvi blames Nandini to have told Mrs. Patel about Namrata’s issue. Charmi smirks. Namrata pretends to do suicide and Charmi saves her. Nandini worries as everyone has went against her. Rajvi worries to keep Nandini away from Namrata. Vipul announces how Aatish agreed to all the charges. While, Nandini gets shocked.

In the upcoming episodes, Darsh will ask Nandini to apologies to Namrata. Nandini will call Aatish and will assure him that she will fight for the truth.

Will Charmi be able to make Nandini and Darsh seperate? Will Namrata’s lies come to light? How will Nandini tackle this new challenge? Who will adopt Vini? Keep following this space for more.