Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha: Rajvi’s life in danger?

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Star Plus’s show Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha is all set to see some major twists and turns. With themarriages ending on a good note. Rakla plays a master plan with making Charmi believe that Shobhit married Gunjan because of Nandini. Darsh gets to know about the same and changes himself around Nandini due to this. Will veiwer get to see the romantic moments between Darsh and Nandini?

In the current track, Shobhit is waiting for Darsh to give him his support, gets shocked seeing Darsh happy with Nandini and wanting him to sot beside Gunjan. Darsh thinks and feels sorry for Shobhit but also feels the need to hide it from Shobhit and Rajvi. Shobhit gets angry seeing Darsh so normal, so he decides to take revenge from Darsh as well. Shobhit thinks Darsh has seen his love now he is going to see his anger. Darsh throws Nandini’s bag. Rajvi comes there and asks what happened? Darsh handles the situation by making excuse. Here, Shobhit says sorry to Gunjan and gives her a diamond necklace. Gunjan gets happy. Shobhit plans to include Gunjan in taking revenge from Darsh and Nandini. Nandini sees Darsh going to the driver to ask for a pot full of water. Darsh does death ritual to end his good side from now on. Nandini thinks Darsh believes that she went herself with Mohan and worries. Rajvi calls the couples for a ritual, where the guys whisper their favourite sweet and the wives will make it. Darsh whispers that he is going to hate what she makes. Shobhit pretends to be nice to Gunjan. Before entering the kitchen, the ladies have to touch a gold coin. Rajvi worries as the gold coin is missing. Namrata blames Nandini and Gunjan. Darsh believes her and goes to check Nandini’s bag and then Nandini. This shocks everyone. Vipul comes with the coins saying he went to polish them. Nandini feels very humilated and decides to leave the house. Rajvi and everyone try to stop her but Nandini says I am not respected by my husband. Rajvi gets anxiety attack and she faints. Darsh is about to pick her but Shobhit pushes him and he lifts Rajvi. Nandini also follows. Doctor comes and asks everyone not to give any trauma to Rajvi and take care. Rajvi says my daughter in law will take care. Gunjan thinks to step forward but Rajvi takes Nandini’s name. Later, Rajvi makes Nandini understand that Rajvi would talk to Darsh. Rajvi then asks for soup so Nandini goes to make it. Here, Darsh tries to act polite as Rajvi asked him but gives a paper chit to Nandini where it’s written that this much is spent on the wedding and it’s her turn to return. Nandini worries.

In the upcoming episodes, Shobhit will take a pledge to destroy Darsh and Nandini. Here, Nandini accepts Darsh challenge saying she has done no wrong so she will face everything.

Why has Darsh changed? How will Nandini face this new challenge? What will happen when Shobhit’s love changes into hatred? Who will prove Nandini innovent? What is in store for the lovely couple, Nandini and Darsh? Keep following this space for more updates on your favourite shows.