Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha Spoiler: Rajvee takes up a challenge

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Star Plus’s new show Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha has started to air from 2nd March. The show’s first episode was very informative about the track and the show. In the second episode the pace was continued. Viewers saw the chemistry between the leads from second episode itself. The faces and characters in the show are written with very much clarity. The show seems to be promising. The actors of the show gave an amazing performance in the first episode. The story from the promo is known to be about a blind person Darsh and how he is misunderstood but still lives his life happily.

With viewers happy seeing few faces return to ITV, the chemistry of the leads is also loved. In the current track, Nandini will not feel right staying in Bansuri’s sasural but she has to and she can’t even show her inconvenience. With what Mrs. Patel’s daughter did with Darsh infront of everyone, Rajvee will be very upset and angry. Mrs. Patel will taunt Rajvee saying no normal girl will be ready to marry Darsh and even if someone does it will be for money. This will make Rajvee angry and upset.

So, Rajvee will decide that she will show everyone that disability doesn’t mean a person can not marry so she will tell everyone how in 30 days Darsh will be married to the girl she will find. Here, Nandini will struggle to make everything right for Bansuri in her sasural and a naive Nandini will fall into the trap of Baa. Later, Nandini will help Darsh and prevent him from falling, Nandini will also tell him how she is not materialistic and she is thankful that he saved him. Darsh will feel a connection with Nandini.

In the upcoming episodes, Darsh will fall and Rajvee will become worried as Darsh will get wounds. Rajvee will say why are you holding the blind stick? Darsh says you have to accept that I am blind and I can’t marry a girl destroying her life just for your challenge. Rajvee will feel bad. Shobhit will try to intervene but will fail to stop Darsh and Rajvee who are hurt. Shobhit and Darsh will meet an accident.

What is in store for Darsh? What is in store for Nandini? Will Darsh and Nandini know about each other’s struggle? What will Rajvee do now? What will be the viewers take on this, let us know with your comments!

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