Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha Weekly Update: The show ends with a good news!

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Star Plus popular daily soap “Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha” is all set for high voltage drama.

This week Charmi kidnaps Rajvi and keeps her inside a secret room. Meanwhile, Nandini gets worried about Rajvi. She questions Parul about her, but latter replies negatively. They all gets tensed, while Vini also shows her concern.

Here, Charmi happily cancels her wedding whereas Shobhit gets shocked hearing her conversation. He questions her about it, to which she scolds him for thinking about marriage when his mother is missing. She also talks ill about Rajvi, making Shobhit furious and he leaves from there after rebuking her. She smirks while Nandini gets suspicious about her and confronts her. Charmi acts to be sad in front of Nandini and requests her to bring Rajvi as soon as possible.

Vipul suspects Toral behind the matter and ask her to give Rajvi back. Chetan tries to make him understand that Toral can’t do it. Darsh comes there and questions Vipul about his action, to which latter makes some excuses.

Elsewhere, Nandini decides to have a conversation with Charmi but gets shocked seeing Darsh’s potrait inside her room. She sees Mrs. Patil’s call on Charmi’s number and hides from there as Charmi returns back. The latter tries to find her phone and goes away in search of it. Nandini tries everyone’s birthdate to unlock Charmi’s phone and gets dumbstruck seeing it getting unlocked by Darsh’s birthdate. She concludes that Charmi loves Darsh. She receives Mrs. Patil’s call and becomes shocked learning that Charmi is trying to cancel her wedding and there is some connection in between Rawals and Toral.

Darsh comes to Charmi’s room in order to talk to her regarding the wedding, while she hugs him showing fake concern towards Rajvi. He consoles and leaves from there.

Ahead, Nandini ask Shobhit about his relationship with Charmi, while he tells that she have changed a lot. Later, they all gets worried for Rajvi and tries to find her. Parul diverts Vini’s mind by playing a train video, while Toral gets mad hearing train’s sound and enters Parul’s room. Vipul and Jhilmil somehow able to take Toral away, while Vipul keeps blaming Toral for Rajvi’s missing.

Nandini decides not to tell Darsh about her suspicion in Charmi and later supports Toral along with Parul. Vipul gets furious at Nandini and Charmi enjoys the drama. At that time Parul mistakenly plays an audio, in which they hears Rajvi’s voice confronting someone. Charmi gets worried, while Nandini gets more suspicious on Charmi.

Later, Bansuri calls Nandini to show her something and latter visits her. Bansuri gives a recording tape of Gunjan to Nandini and both gets shocked hearing Charmi’s love confession inside the recorder. They also learns that Charmi intentionally killed Gunjan and decides to expose her.

Shobhit grows tensed worrying about his mother, while Vipul keeps suspecting Toral. Darsh questions him and ask about his reason, but Keshav handles the matter and changes the topic. Darsh states that they have to search for Rajvi as they can’t totally rely on police. Meanwhile, Inspector calls Toral to interrogate.

Parul ask if there is some connection of Toral with their family, to which Chetan ask her not to ask him about Toral and pray for Rajvi’s safety.

Here, Nandini sees Charmi’s MRI report and remembers that it is not done in pregnancy. Whereas, Charmi smirks thinking that soon Rajvi will die inside the room due to suffocation and no one can be able to doubt her. Later, Nandini brings a doctor being disguise and tells Charmi that she bring her to give her a massage. Charmi happily agrees to take it and falls asleep while the doctor massages her. Meanwhile, latter takes Charmi’s phone and gives it to Nandini.

The doctor reveals that Charmi is not pregnant. Nandini notify the truth to Darsh, while he gets furious. They all plans to scare Charmi and starts their plan when Charmi wakes up late at night. Charmi gets afraid feeling Gunjan’s presence but decides to check on Rajvi. She worries about getting caught for her deeds.

Nandini follows her to learn about where she have kept Rajvi. Charmi gets relieved seeing Rajvi on her place but soon she becomes suspicious that someone is following her. She gets frightened feeling someone’s presence and follows it. She gets relieved seeing Parul, while latter shows her concern towards Charmi. At that time Darsh also comes there and they all goes towards the door as someone starts knocking. Charmi goes out while the door gets locked.

Darsh shows his gratitude towards Parul for helping them in exposing Charmi. Bansuri also comes there and talks about feelings Gunjan’s presence. Whereas, Shobhit gets shocked learning about Charmi’s deeds, while Nandini comforts him. Later, Darsh also consoles him and assures that they will find Rajvi.

Elsewhere, dictionary tries to make Toral remember her past and ask about Rajvi. But, she keeps asking for Nandini. Doctor shows Rajvi’s picture and Toral tells about a wall. Vipul decides to take her away and notify Chetan about it.

Nandini along with others again scares Charmi, while latter goes away from the house. Shobhit follows her, while she smirks remembering how she found out that Nandini and others are doubtful on her and is doing all this just to divert their mind. She determines to get Darsh.

Vipul tells that he have some deep connection with Toral and stat s that he will notify her after finding Rajvi. He requests Nandini to ask Toral about the wall, while Toral shows the mirror inside her room. Nandini also informs Vipul about Charmi’s deeds making him shocked. At that time Shobhit comes there and says that Charmi returned back from the drive and is sleeping.

Ahead, Chetan and Parul tries to divert Charmi while she hears their conversation. Nandini ask Toral to remember where is Rajvi, while latter tries. Charmi puts a speaker and plays train sound in it, which causes mental attack in Toral. Vipul and Chetan holds her whereas Nandini opens the mirror and gets inside the secret room. They gets shocked finding an unconscious Rajvi.

Darsh sits inside his car, while Charmi makes him unconscious and declares decides to die with him. She confesses a her crimes, while he wakes up and shows the recording of her confession. He takes her back to home, while Rajvi apprises everyone about how Charmi hurted her.

Rajvi scolds Charmi, while latter confesses her love for Darsh and states that she have done everything for him. Rajvi slaps her and says that she will surely make her pay for her deed. Darsh calls the police and gets Charmi arrested.

Further, Toral comes there being properly dressed up. She regained her memories and ask Vipul about her baby. He was about to lie, but Rajvi told the truth that Darsh is her baby. Toral caresses Darsh’s face, while everyone gets shocked learning about it.

Vipul makes Darsh understand that Toral’s family lied about her mental illness and she used to hurt everyone physically. He says that he showed her to many doctors but she didn’t recovered. She even started hurting Darsh and so they sended her to asylum for her treatment and Keshav made him married to Rajvi. He says that she have loved Darsh more then anyone and have helped them in their business also. He praises Rajvi, while Darsh says that she will always be his mother.

Toral gets emotional seeing their bond and decides to leave from there. She says that she will keep visiting them and ask Darsh to look after Rajvi.

Later, Darsh and Nandini spends some romantic moment. Suddenly, she gets fainted while Darsh becomes worried. He took her to the hospital and further, informs his family that Nandini is pregnant. They all gets elated and the show finishes with a happy ending.