Aarohi discovers Boss Plans: Ishq Mein Marjawan

Colors TV Ishq Mei Marjawan is counting the days. The show is all set to wrap up but before that it is witnessing high voltage suspense twist.

Aarohi is trying to figure out the Boss so that she can save Deep and his family. Deep learns a shocking truth about Aarohi. He gets to know that Aarohi is secret officer. He gets angry on Aarohi for lying him.

Here, Ranjit says to Aarohi that he is doing mistake for trusting Deep. Some goons try to harm Aarohi but Deep saves her. Later, he talks to someone that Aarohi won’t be able to bear when the truth will come out.

Ranjit is Aarohi’s senior officer. He calls Aarohi and tells her about the recording that says the robbers are planning to rob the bank. Ranjit says he doubts other side is deep. Aarohi favors deep.

Meanwhile, Aarohi sees someone’s message on Deep’s mobile. Vasu take the phone from her. Later, Aarohi ask Deep to save her as her life is in danger. Deep goes to meet Aarohi and sees Aarohi dressed up and running playfully behind the curtains. Girl hugs Deep and Aarohi comes from behind.

Upnext, in Ishq Mei Marjawan, will see Aarohi will discover Boss plans.

Aarohi finds some photographs and gets some clue. Later, Boss will worry thinking about Aarohi, as she has discovered his plans.

Meanwhile, Aarohi sees deep’s recording where he was telling someone that no one should come between the missions. Aarohi asks Deep about the girl.

So, who is the girl, who is the real boss, do deep is playing again with Aarohi or this time he will take Aarohi’s side, to know all don’t miss last few episodes of Ishq Mein Marjawan- a story full of revenge and mystery, mon-fri on Colors TV.

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