Aarohi gets exchanged in the highlight of the week: Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai!

We are back with the weekly highlight of your favorite show ‘Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’. This week was all about high voltage drama with Sirat winning Asian championship trophy and Aarohi getting exchanged amid KarwaChauth celebration! Check it out below!

Surekha is accused:

Last week we reported, Surekha lash out at Sirat post latter unintentionally sent Mansi’s gift to the orphan. Ahead, media takes Sirta’s interview as she qualified for Asian championship finale. They talk about her success and family support. Sirat praises Kartik and Goenkas. Goenkas praise Sirat. Later, family gets unhappy with Sirat as because of her media put Luv-Kush in bad light yet again. They highlight Luv and Kush in the past molested a girl. Luv and Kush accuse Sirat for all the mess. Surekha react on Sirat. Sirat apologize to the family.

Drug traces in Sirat’s blood:

Later, Sirat and Goenkas get shocked learning about the drug traces in Sirat’s body. Arwind inform because of the drug, Sirat can’t participate in the match. Kartik and Arwind tries to investigate who supplied drug to Sirat. Here, Gayu and Swarna accuse Surekha and claimed she was the last person to bring medicine for Sirat. Surekha gets upset with Goenkas for not trusting her. Sirat tries to side Surekha. Surkeha leave the house angrily.

Kartik and Sirat learn about the culprit:

Kartik and Sirat check the CCTV footage and learn Mukesh is behind the mess. Sirat gets the clean chit and gets qualified for the match. Swarna, Gayu feel guilty for not trusting Surekha. In the meantime, Goenkas prepare for KarwaChauth celebration. Kartik inform Sirat’s match is today. Sirat refuse to break her fast. Goenkas cheer for Sirat. Sirat miss Surekha. Swarna decided to apologize to Surekha. Surekha come to cheer Sirat. Sirat fights good.

Sirat win the match and Aarohi gets exchanged:

Towards the end of the week: Sirat wins the championship title. She request Surekha to give her medal. Surekha says to Kartik she never encouraged Sirat thus she can’t do this. Kartik says to Surekha that she encouraged Sirat today. He asks Surekha to go. Surekha give medal to Sirat. Host asks Surekha if she wants to say something about Sirat. Surekha says Sirat is a gem person but she realized later. She add Sirat is unbreakable. Sirat says to Surekha that she made her star. Surekha says she is already a star.

Sirat asks Surekha to meet Goenkas. Suhasini and Swarna apologize to Surekha. Kairav asks Goenkas to now celebrate Karwachauth. Suhasini says they need to rush home and do the arrangements. Kartik inform Goenkas that he has done the arrangements here. Swarna says but they don’t have accessories to get ready for Karwachauth as per the ritual. Manish asks everyone to celebrate with whatever accessories they have. Sirat give an idea. They make flower garland to complete the ritual.

Kartik spend quality time with Sirat. Sirat takes a selfie with Kartik. There, Akhilesh praise Surekha. He asks Manish to praise Swarna too. Manish go to Swarna and latter asks not to false praise her. Kartik come with Sirat and asks Manish to take training from him. Everyone laughs. Kairav and Vansh inform Goenkas that moon has appeared. Aarohi cry. Kairav asks Sirat not to worry as he and Vansh will look after Aarohi.

Goenkas’s celebrate Karwachauth. Kairav and Vansh take care of Aarohi. They further decide to click picture. In the meantime, Arohi gets exchanged with another baby out there accidentally. Otherside, Sirat dedicate her medal to Kartik for always being with her. Kartik says to Sirat that seeing her courage he feel without him she can manage everything. Sirat asks Kartik not to talk negative. She asks Karitk to promise her that they will be always together. Kartik give Sirat a promise.

Later, Sirat and Kartik stands shocked seeing other baby in place of Aarohi.

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