Abir’s painful ‘ I Love You’ to Mishti in Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke!

Wait is over for Mishbir’s fan, as Abir finally confessed his heart out to Mishti. If you follow the show, than you must be well aware of the current storyline where it is seen; Mishti and Abir is trying well not to express their feeling in front of each other. But Abir couldn’t resist more and seeing Mishti in pain he confessed to her that he loves her.

Scene goes like this: Mishti while talking with Kuhu falls inside a deep well. Abir looks for Mishti and he too slips inside the well with her. Abir tries to wake up Mishti but she doesn’t response to him. Worried Abir confesses to her that he love her a lot. He adds he was trying hard to resist himself for falling for her but he couldn’t control, as he has fallen in love with the world’s best girl. Abir’s tears wake up Mishti and she asks him not to leave her. The whole Mishbir sequence was intense and Abir once again nailed it in the emotional scene.

Further, Fire breakout at the jungle and to save Abir from the falling wood, Mishti ended up hurting herself. Abir worries for her meanwhile, Nishant arrives at the place with the rescue team. Mishti and Abir get rescued and other side Meenakshi comes to know that Abir and Mishti is together.

Now how Meenakshi will react after seeing Mishbir together will be interesting to watch. Do Mishti will learn that Abir is te lling lie to her that he doesn’t love her because of Meenakshi? Well time will only tell. Keep watching Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke, mon-fri on Star Plus.

In the upcoming sequence will see Mishbir moment. Mishti will be hospitalized and Abir will go to meet her. Mishti will ask her not to leave her hand and Abir will sit beside her.

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