Accident and Drama in Star Bharat’s Kaal Bhairav

The upcoming story of the Star Bharat’s show “Kaal Bhairav” is going to see a lots of twist and turns. This show is always known best for its thrilling content and makers are never a let down in this genre.


Accident and Drama in Star Bharat’s Kaal BhairavAs per the sources in the upcoming episodes of the show audience will see Revati and jay both are escaping from the palace without anyone’s notice. But the destiny is not much fortunate for them and they will get hit by truck on the way. Veer will find them in that condition and will take them to the hospital for treatment. While on the other side Archana will landed in a house where she will get a shock of her life. Archana will find two womens who exactly looks like the ones she see in her dreams. Their arrival will rise a new secret and chain of suspense in the show.


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