Ace Producer Rajan Shahi urges people to ban Chinese products!

The whole world is suffering from the deadly Covid19 and people are thinking that China is responsible for the whole chaos. There has been a campaign on social media that we should all ban Chinese products which have been an integral part of our system.

Ace producer Rajan Shahi supported this call and urged people to ban Chinese products. Recently he wrote on his social media ‘To all Indian take forward say no and never to all products  “MADE IN CHINA ” replace it by MADE IN INDIA. It will take time for me my family & DKP but ultimately will make it sure. Instead of all the time criticising and finding fault on state and central government on social media it is our nation our India. Go out and work towards making it.”

He also adds,” I might be also using lots of made in china products by default but will try and take steps henceforth and avoid as much is possible. If we start now eventually we will be able to remove all. I will also try to educate my production house. Let’s start with all the Chinese apps.  Like Rajan Shahi, there has been a lot of support in the entertainment industry around this. let’s hope we can achieve our goal.