Ace tarot card reader Dr Neelam (Kaajal) talks about what the future holds for these celebs

Nitin Kumar Gupta, Vijayendra Kumeria, Vivian Dsena, Saif Ali Khan pics
Ace tarot card reader Dr Neelam (Kaajal) talks about what the future holds for these celebs

From a big inheritance to a break in their careers, here’s what the cards say for these celebs! Ace tarot card reader Dr Neelam (Kaajal) predicts their future!

Director Nitin Kumar Gupta

This year is all about new beginnings, good news and new initiatives. 2021 brings more creative spark and passion. Growth and travel are the keywords of 2021. There will be lots of creative ideas, thinking outside the box will bring huge revenue. This year is a time of hard work, commitment and dedication. Your efforts will be rewarded with good gains. In April, be careful between illusion and reality before taking any decisions. The month of June advises resisting some change that life is bringing. It is the time of completing a chapter and putting a part behind you, cutting out the unnecessary. In the months of September and November, you need to slow a bit down as you are highly driven by your ambition which makes you action-oriented. Also, in the relationship corner, a shift is indicated which may require some bravery and work on your part to lay down some boundaries. Your health will demand some time off for rejuvenation.

Vijayendra Kumeria

The year 2021 comes with good promises in career and relationships for you. The cards signify a strong level of energy which states that difficult aspects of your life will be trailblazing. Good news will start coming and you will experience steady positive growth. In 2021, you should be more committed to all your relationships. August shows a need to be careful in the health corner as no rest could harm your health. By November, you would have attained significant material growth. A word of caution here, you could start valuing things only for their material worth. Be extra careful as the universe states there is a thin line between greed and growth. Your career prospects will take you to higher achievement.YOur fame quotient will rise to another level.

Vivian Dsena

The starting months will be average but from July 2020, the Midas touch starts overcoming all conflicts and moving forward in a positive direction and coming out victorious. Your ambition and confidence will help you in overcoming obstacles. In the relationship corner, the cards advise you to make some clear choices about your beliefs and values. Consider all consequences before making decisions as your value system could be challenged. So take the higher path, though it could be difficult. There are some lessons of 2020 that are yet to be learnt, so there are chances that the same situation could rise in 2021. Don’t make any decisions in a haste. Strike a balance in your career and life. Atleast be available to people who value and respect your talent. Don’t take your stardom for granted. You have the potential to be more successful than you aleady are.

Saif Ali Khan

The year starts at a point where you would want to take a break from everyday life to draw your energies and attention inwards. The months of January and February cards indicate a lot on soul searching and introspection of people and situations. This will continue till mid-2021. From August, till the end of the year, you bring out your best potential. Ideas will flow motivating and inspiring you to pursue new projects and opportunities. A whole world of possibilities will be available to you. The year encourages you to follow your heart and live your passion. Maintain an even temperament and manage your emotions, the cards advise you to take a middle path and accommodate all perspective as 2021 is not a year to be highly opinionated or controversial. Be a peace-maker and take a balanced and moderate approach avoiding any extremes. You have a clear long term vision of what you want to achieve and 2021 gives you the required resources to fulfil your manifestations. The start of 2021 is about betrayal and deception, so caution is indicated. The month of May will bring spring and new air but a bit of uncertainty prevails. Good projects will come your way. In September, you need to relax and let things unfold, new projects will bring happiness, rewards and benefits. The year 2021 signboards show a large inheritance coming your way. In the health area, pay attention to your sleeping patterns or your digestive system could be affected. December 2021, shows a new love in your relationship corner or an enhancement in the existing ones. Emotionally, this year will be a bit tiring, you may be tempted to sneak away from some situations. Perhaps you are hoping that the issues will resolve soon, they will, but you need to have courage and patience.

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