Acid test for Teri Meri Doriyaann!

By Anil Merani: Star Plus show Teri Meri Doriyaann is in a TRP freefall; its numbers have now dropped to 0.8, deep in the danger zone. As per sources, any number below 1 is unacceptable to the channel.

Star Plus has issued a one-month notice wanting the numbers to go. In a final attempt to salvage the show, the story will undergo a complete overhaul, with the female lead Himanshi Parashar, given a new, more dynamic character.

According to sources, the story had indeed gone awry. The main story was only focused on the leads. The Diljeet track was a coastal failure; audiences wanted to see the leads together and be happy.

Ideally, any new change takes time to gain traction, but TV channels are always hurrying to lift the numbers. So, will they give the new story ample time to rise, or will they pull the plug if the numbers don’t rise pronto

We hope the channel gives TMD ample time to prove its worth, for it has been a cult show that has proven its worth at the time slot.

We have complete confidence in the creative prowess of the production house, Cockcrow and Shaika Entertainment. Their dedication and ability to successfully reimagine the show and bring it back to its former glory is a testament to their commitment to the show’s success.

Despite the show’s recent decline, it’s essential to recognize and appreciate the immense loyalty of TMD’s fan base. Their unwavering support and anticipation for the introduction of a new storyline is a testament to the show’s enduring appeal and the strong bond it has formed with its viewers.

Vijayendra Kumeria and  Himanshi’s chemistry is liked by one and all.