Actor Aditya Shukla talks about his upcoming show Nagmani

Actor Aditya Shukla is currently seen in the show Nagmani. In an exclusive chat he talks about his character, show and more. He is playing grey in Nagmani. See full IV below

  1. Tell us a little about your role in Naagmani?

In the show I am Mohinis brother who is the Dayan (Pavitra Puniya) of the show. And Rambha is my Wife. We 3 are the only villians who has super powers. I am able to convert into a 30 foot giant monster like the Hulk 😁😁. My only main aim is to get the Naagmani from the naagin for my sister Mohini and my wife is a bit 2 faced female who wants the naagmani for herself. So basically I’m stuck in between Mohini and rambha.

  1. What was your last show and how did you land up taking up this show ?

My last show as an actor was Sarojini which was on Zee Tv. I was Pankaj Tripatias body guard. But i worked as an Associate Director in Savitri Devi College and Hospital for 2 years.

  1. Are you into fitness a lot of you lead a healthy life in general?

I am a gym freak i would say. But not thst much into fitness. I workout regularly and try to eat healthy. But then the Pizza and burgers finds its way somehow into my life 😅😅😅.

  1. Is OTT on your list of next to do projects ?

Oh yes definitely. I would love to do an OTT project. It’s a totally different experience shooting for an OTT project.

  1. How would you describe the real Aditya?

Athletic, Competitive, short tempered, funny, goofy, full of fun. I always find ways to be happy and make people laugh no matter where i am. That’s the real me.

  1. So is Aditya single or dating ?

Right now it’s complicated. Can’t tell you much about it 😁😁

  1. What are your hobbies ?

I am a big time bike racer and a gamer. So either I’m riding my bike or I’m on my computer playing games.

  1. Who do you get along best with on the sets of your new show ?

Well it’s only been a month and I’ve only shot with Pavitra and Neha so we 3 are getting along very well. But i interact with everyone. The whole cast is like a family already.

Actor was last seen in Sarojini on zee TV.

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