Adhik to fail Barkha’s plan: Anupama

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Barkha will try to expose Adhik’s real intention to marry Pakhi. Adhik will turn the table around

In today’s episode, Anuj shares with Ankush that he is tired physically, mentally and emotionally. Ankush says to Anuj that he can’t get tired right now. Anuj says that Anupama took the responsibility but he feel they will fail. Ankush asks Anuj to handle Anupama as she is bearing a lot. Anuj asks Ankush to check upon Barkha too.

Adhik welcome Pakhi to his room. Pakhi and Adhik shares a quality time. Pakhi asks Adhik if they are married. Adhik says yes. Both congratulate each other and smile. Anuj looks for Anupama. He finds Anupama and lay down beside her. He tries to console Anupama. Anupama cry her heart out. Anuj asks Anupama not to cry.

Samar gives his support to Vanraj. Leela asks Hasmuk to take a rest. She adds no one will be able to sleep but they need to rest. Samar assures Vanraj that he will never do runaway marriage. Vanraj says he won’t be able to bear if he does run away marriage. He further asks Samar to do whatever his heart says. Vanraj asks Samar to leave him alone.

Pakhi worries about the family. Adhik asks Pakhi not to worry as everything will be at right place soon. He says all are against but Anuj and Ankush is on their side. Barkha says to Ankush that no one knows Adhik more than her. She claim once honeymoon period will over, Adhik will throw Pakhi.

In the upcoming episode, Anuj will plan for Adhik and Pakhi’s grand wedding. Will Shahs support Anuj’s decision or there is more to the story? Keep watching the show for more entertainment

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