Aditya to bite Ansh in Star Plus Nazar

Star Plus late night supernatural show Nazar is all set to take the loyal audience for a thrilling ride in the upcoming episodes of the daily. it was known to all loyal viewers of the show that after a lot of time Pia’s mother Divya is finally back. While everyone is happy to get her back she has her own agenda to come back in the lives of Rathores.

Well in the past episodes, the conflict between Divya and Mohana is continuing based on a magical sword which is capable of ruining anybody. Divya who is the mother of Piya gets hold of the magical sword before it gets destroyed but Nishant secured the family members and Ansh-Pia with a protection thread.

On the other hand, Divya has made Aditya a sarp so that he can do her work properly. The upcoming episodes of the flick is going to bring a new torment in the lives of Ansh and Piya.

In the recent past episodes of the show, Ansh Piya and the entire house is wearing a rudraksh chain in their body to save themselves. While Aditya is also wearing one hence his powers as a sarp is not working.

In the coming episodes of the show, Aditya will take out the chain of rudraksha from his neck and turned into a sarp. He will look for chances to bite people so that the agenda of Divya can get fulfilled.

Tonight regular viewers will get to see the shocking twist with Adi biting his own father Ansh. The family members with the help of Nishant and Saavi will find out that Aditya is the sarp only but it will be too late for them. Ansh will get poisoned and his entire body will turn blue due to the effect of the poison.

On the other hand, Piya will feel disgusted with Divya’s conspiracies and feels helpless to save Ansh from this mess. Will she be able to save Ansh or is it the end of Piansh love story? To know more keep watching the show.