Agnisakshi: Rajnandini’s cunning move?

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Colors TV’s popular show Agnisakshi is gearing up for more drama. Rajnandini created a misunderstanding between Satvik and Jeevika. Now, Jeevika is secretly helping Satvik to finish his project. So, it will be interesting to watch what is going to happen in the future episodes.

In the previous episode we saw, Rajnandini asked Jeevika. Didn’t she say to her she will throw her out of this house within 7 days? Jeevika tells her that if she sent her, she would return to this family again, so she thought about sending her from this world forever. She tells her that she added poison to her coffee. Rajnandini is scared. She creates a scene. Jeevika acts innocently and frames Rajnandini. Jeevika pushes her off the stairs. Rajnandini blames her but Satvik frames Rajnandini there. Later, Utkarsh apologizes to Satvik. Rajnandini asked for Shlok’s hand for Juhi. Shlok denied it. Satvik revealed Swara and Shlok’s relationship. Narayanan agrees to their wedding. Rajnandini fumes with Jeevika. She tells her that she is going to expose her.

In the upcoming episode viewers will see; Jeevika tells the family members that she wants to tell them about Rajnandini’s truth. Rajnandini comes there and aims his gun at Jeevika. She tells her that she thought about revealing her true face to them, herself. She calls the armed goons and asks them to surround them.

What will happen next? How will Satvik react when Jeevika leaves him? Will Satvik find the truth?

To know what will happen next on your favorite show, Agnisakshi Ek Samjhauta, stay tuned to this space.