Ajooni 12th November 2022 Written Update: Harvinder outsmarts Ajooni

Ajooni 12th November 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Ravinder tells Sethi that this is opposition party’s plan to ruin Rajveer’s image. He asks him to not worry about anything because he will handle everything and disconnects the call. Harman comes there. She asks him that what Ajooni told him alone. He tells her that Ajooni complained about her. He taunts her and then he punishes her. He asks her to bring tea for him. She leaves the room.

On the other hand, Ajooni thinks that this proof is important to expose Harvinder. She hides the recorder in the pillow. Harvinder sees that and leaves from there. He goes to Aman and acts like crying. He tells her that he saw Shikha with a guy. He says that he is sad that he tortured Aman for Shikha. He beat himself up saying that he is useless. Aman stops him. She tells him that if he realised his mistake then that’s enough for her. She asks him to not do all this. He tells her that he will be punished for sure. He says that he badmouth about Ravinder and Bebe before Shikha and Ajooni recorded that. He says that Ravinder will kill him after hearing that recording.

He adds that he deserves punishment. She asks him to not beat himself. He tells her that she is a good person that’s why she forgave him but Ravinder won’t forgive him. He says that he is sad that Aman will become a widow. She tells him that she will convince Ajooni to not show the recording to anyone. He tells her that Ajooni won’t listen her. He asks her to steal the recorder. She hesitates. He threatens to commit suicide. She tells him that she will bring the recorder. He hugs her saying that she is a good person.

Later, Everyone gathers in the hall. Ravinder says that like he said it’s not Harman who tried to kill Rajveer. He reveals that Ajooni suspect someone so he gave her 24 hours to prove her claim. Bebe asks that who is that. Ajooni says that Harvinder tried to kill Rajveer. Everyone gets shocked hearing her. Rajveer asks Harvinder that why the latter did all that. Harvinder says that Ajooni is lying. Harman asks that why Harvinder will try to kill his brother. Ravinder asks Ajooni to show the proof.

Ajooni tells Harvinder that he can’t escape by breaking her phone. She shows the recorder saying that she recorded everything in this too. She plays the recorder and song starts playing. She says that someone changed the card. Harvinder says that he is disappointed that Rajveer doubt him due to Ajooni. Rajveer asks Ajooni that what is all this.

Ajooni says that she has one more proof. She asks them to call party worker. Ravinder asks her to stop it. He tells Harvinder to punish Ajooni. Harvinder brings whip to beat Ajooni up. Rajveer pushes him. He threatens to kill him. Bebe scolds Rajveer. Ravinder says that he will punish Ajooni. Rajveer stops him.

Episode ends.

Precap – Rajveer tells Ravinder that he will bring the party worker. Ravinder asks him to not interfere if the latter can’t bring proof then. Rajveer nods at him.

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