Ajooni 13th September 2022 Written Update: Ajooni agrees to start a family

Ajooni 13th September 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Harman tells Rajveer that they knows he can’t start a family so Ravinder fixed Harvinder’s marriage. She says that Harvinder’s marriage will happen next week. She says that Aman is useless so she will throw her out of the house and leaves from there. Rajveer asks Ajooni to not call him selfish from now on and leaves from there.


An intoxicated Harvinder enters his room. He asks Aman that where he should go for his honeymoon. He says that he is so happy today. He asks her that if she ate laddu. Aman nods at him. He tells her that she is also happy with his marriage. He forces her to drink but she pushes the bottle. He tells her that Ajooni was blaming him because of her. He pushes her and he falls asleep.

Aman enters the kitchen. She tries to cut her wrist. Ajooni stops her. Aman tells her that she don’t want to stay alive. She asks her that why the latter saved her. She says that Harvinder’s marriage got fixed and she can’t do anything. Ajooni promises to her that Harvinder’s second marriage won’t happen. Aman cries hugging her. Ajooni enters her room. Rajveer tells her that he will sleep on the floor. She shook her head. He tells her that he will sleep on the terrace. She shook her head again. She tells him that she is ready to start a family. She says that she is ready to get pregnant to help Aman. He gets shocked hearing her.

After some time, Rajveer decorates the room. Baggas sees that and leaves from there. Rajveer tells Ajooni that he decorated the room for her. He gives rose to her and he holds her hand. He makes her sit on the bed. He closes the curtains. He sits beside her. She gives milk to him and he drinks it. He hugs her. He unties her blouse knot. He gets out of the bed. She asks him that what happened. He tells her that he wants her love not this. She tells him that she is ready. He says that she was forced to take this decision. He tells her that he married her because he love her not to get consummate with her. He says that he wants her love and he will win one day. He leaves the room.

Next day, Ajooni sees Rajveer sleeping on the terrace. She wake him up. Rajveer asks her that if anyone said anything. She laughs. She tells him that it’s morning so she came to wake him up that’s it.

Chamko tells Harman that Rajveer slept in the terrace. Harman mixes some cream in Ajooni’s shampoo bottle. She says that Rajveer won’t love Ajooni after seeing Ajooni’s face. Chamko keeps Ajooni’s shampoo bottle in the bathroom. Ajooni sees Chamko in her room.

Harvinder tells Aman to live quietly in Servant’s room. He asks her to bring shampoo for him because he has to meet Shikha. Aman gets shampoo bottle from Ajooni. She thinks that everything going well in between Ajooni and Rajveer.

Episode ends.

Precap – Baggas gets shocked seeing bald head of Harvinder. Harvinder is about to beat Aman with whip. But Ajooni stops him. She tells him that she gave shampoo to Aman.

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