Ajooni 15th September 2022 Written Update: Dolly spots Ajooni and Aman at the hospital

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Episode begins with Rajveer thanks Ajooni for forgiving Harman. Ajooni tells him that she just did the right thing. He tells her that he have something to give her. He gives the ring which he bought for their engagement. She asks him to put it on her finger. He smiles hearing her. He puts the ring on her finger. He places a kiss on her finger. They are about to kiss and it turns out to be his dream. He tells her about ring. He keeps it on the table and leaves from there. She wears the ring. Harman sees everything. She tells Ajooni that the latter plays very well. She says that Ajooni even tricked Ravinder. She tells her that the latter trying to break the family but she won’t let her achieve her goal.


On the other hand, Beeji asks Dolly to not drink too much cold water. Dolly scolds her. Meher screams seeing the dead cockroach. Dolly picks the cockroach and she scares Meher. Meher collides with Bharat when he was shaving. He gets cut on his cheek. Meher apologizes to him. Beeji scolds Meher. Bharat tells her that it was his mistake and he goes inside. Dolly tells herself that it was her mistake but innocent Bharat took the blame on himself.

Ajooni tells Aman that they should go to hospital for a test. She says that if Harvinder has problem then wrong will happen with Shikha too. She convinces her to go to hospital.

Meher is about to drink water. But her mother stops her saying that she mixed vinegar in that water bottle. She says that she is glad Meher did not drink that water or else the latter would have lost her voice. Meher realises that Dolly drank water from that bottle. Dolly complains about Ajooni’s family to her friend. She drinks that water again. Meher asks her to not drink but the latter refuses. Dolly starts coughing. She is not able to speak. Meher calls everyone. Ajooni’s mother notices the empty water bottle. She asks Meher that if the latter did not stop Dolly. Meher tells her that she stopped Dolly but Dolly did not listen her. Bharat learns that Dolly consumed vinegar. They takes Dolly to hospital.

Ajooni tells Aman that she took Doctor appointment. Harman asks them that where are they going. Ajooni lies to her that they are going to temple. Harman tells her that God won’t listen her prayer because Harvinder’s marriage will happen at any cost. Ajooni and Aman leaves the house.

In the hospital, Dolly says that looks like she has go for surgery. Bharat asks her to not say like that. Aman and Ajooni enters the same hospital. Ajooni asks Aman to not get scared. She says that everything will be fine. Aman tells her that they should return. Ajooni tells her that it’s necessary to take test. Dolly sees Ajooni and Aman. She wonders that what are they doing there.

Episode ends.

Precap – Ajooni tells her family that Aman can get pregnant. She tells Harvinder to take a test.

Episode begins with Aman gives shampoo to Harvinder. Harvinder goes to take path. In the kitchen, Ajooni asks Aman about Rajveer’s breakfast. Chamko tells her that she made it. Harman comes there and she sees Ajooni. She learns that there is no curd in the house. She scolds Aman. She says that Rajveer won’t eat without curd. Ajooni leaves from the kitchen.

Aman and Chamko serves breakfast. Rajveer asks for curd. Aman says that there is no curd in the house. Ravinder scolds them. Bebe taunts Harman and Aman. She asks that where is Ajooni. Harman tells her that Ajooni escaped when Ajooni heard about curd. Rajveer says that he don’t want curd. Ajooni serves curd to him. They smiles at each other ( Title song plays in the background ). Rajveer eats his breakfast.

Meanwhile, Harvinder screams. Everyone gathers in the hall. They gets shocked seeing Harvinder’s bald head. Harvinder blames Aman for his condition. He asks her that what she mixed in the shampoo. Bebe tells Aman that she won’t spare her. Aman says that she did nothing. Chamko brings whip on Babe’s behest. Ajooni stops Harvinder from hitting Aman with whip. She says that she gave that shampoo to Aman. She snatches the whip from him and throws it away. Harvinder says that Ajooni is behind his life.

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