Ajooni 18th November 2022 Written Update: Rajveer confesses of killing Harvinder

Ajooni 18th November 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Rajveer enters the hotel room. He sees party worker hiding there. He beat him up and asks him that what happened to Harvinder. Party worker tells him that he did nothing and he don’t know anything. Rajveer asks him that who killed Harvinder. Party worker gets shocked learning that Harvinder is dead. He tells him that Harvinder tried to kill Rajveer and he even said about it to Ajooni. He informs him that Ajooni recorded Harvinder’s confession. Rajveer recalls that how Ajooni tried to expose Harvinder. He asks him to tell all this before Ravinder.

On the other hand, Ravinder tells Ajooni that he won’t spare her life. Ajooni asks him to believe that she did nothing. Mangi Ram asks Ravinder to stop all this or else Ajooni will die. Rajveer’s friend calls Rajveer and tells him that Ajooni’s life in danger. After some time, Rajveer brings Party worker to Bagga house. He opens the door and takes Ajooni out. Aman and Chamko takes Ajooni from there. Rajveer asks Ravinder that what is all this. Ravinder asks him to not utter a word without proof. He says that he has proof against Ajooni. He plays the recording. Rajveer tells him that he has proof too.

Rajveer’s friend brings Party worker there. Party worker informs Ravinder that Harvinder tried to kill Rajveer. He reveals about Harvinder’s confession. He says that he feel like Ajooni killed Harvinder. Ravinder says that Ajooni ruined their family. He asks Rajveer to not interfere this time.

Police inspector tells Ravinder that they found a wristband in the hotel. He adds that the other person and Harvinder fought with each other. He gives the wristband to him. Ravinder gets shocked seeing Rajveer’s wristband. Police says that Rajveer is prime suspect in Harvinder’s case now. Ravinder asks him to close the case because he will take decision from now on. Police inspector asks him that how is this possible. Ravinder tells him that he know law. He thanks him for everything. Police inspector nods at him and leaves from there. Ravinder calls Mangi Ram. He asks him to send Shikha to her house.

Later, Ravinder shows Rajveer’s wristband to Rajveer. He asks him that where the latter lost it. He slaps him. Rajveer tells him that the latter misunderstood. Ravinder says that he can see the truth now. He beat him up. Ajooni asks him to leave Rajveer. He tells her that she and Rajveer killed Harvinder. Harman says that she lost Harvinder and she don’t want to lose Rajveer too. Rajveer agrees that he killed Harvinder. He says that he tried to explain Harvinder but Harvinder did not listen so he killed him. Harman slaps him. Ravinder says that Rajveer is dead for him and leaves from there. Rajveer goes inside.

Episode ends.

Precap – Ajooni asks Rajveer that why he did that. Rajveer asks her that why she did that. Harman tells Ravinder that Rajveer took the blame on himself to save Ajooni.

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