Ajooni 19th May 2023 Written Update: Akshay’s family calls off the marriage

Ajooni 19th May 2023 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Ravinder questions Shanky. Tejender tells Ravinder that the latter need to answer them because everything is Ravinder’s plan. Subhash tells Ravinder that he did not expected this from him. Ravinder apologizes to him. He says that Shanky came to ruin Meher’s life so he will kill Shanky. He drags Shanky from there. Subhash tells Rajveer and Ajooni that he is glad they noticed Shanky’s face.

Akshay’s father calls off the marriage. Ajooni tells him that everything is Shanky’s trap and Meher is innocent. And Shanky and Meher did not perform marriage rituals. Beeji tells Akshay’s father that it’s about Meher’s life. He tells her that matter is really serious and what if something happened to Meher and Akshay in the future. Rajveer tells him that he will take responsibility of Meher and Akshay’s life. He pleads him to not call off the marriage.

Akshay’s mother tells Rajveer that the latter failed to protect Akshay. Ajooni tells her that they can’t ruin Meher and Akshay’s life in the fear of Shanky. Akshay’s mother tells Ajooni that the latter also married Rajveer leaving Avinash. She says that she can’t take risk. Rajveer pleads Akshay to not break the marriage. Akshay apologizes to him and leaves from there with his parents.

Subhash says that everything is over and cries. Bharat says that Bagga family ruined everything and he won’t spare them and leaves from there. Rajveer follows him. Bharat takes knife. And Rajveer stops Bharat. Bharat tells Rajveer that he can’t do anything for his sister and he feels helpless. And it happened with them again. Rajveer tells him that he will teach a lesson to Shanky. But now Vohras need Bharat.

Harvinder asks Ravinder that why Shanky is in groom outfit. Bebe asks Ravinder to leave Shanky. Ravinder tells her that he faced insult today due to Shanky. He reveals that what Shanky did and he slaps Shanky. He asks Bebe that how long she is going to ignore Shanky’s wrongdoings. He says that he won’t tolerate anymore and he strangulates Shanky. Bebe asks him to stop it.

Ravinder says that Shanky will live like a servant from now on. Shanky oppposes him. Ravinder beat him up with whip. He orders servant to make sure that Shanky does all the household chores. He tells Dolly to keep an eye on Shanky. Bebe asks Ravinder that what happened with Meher. Ravinder tells her that marriage would not have happened.

Later, Ravinder tells servant to beat Shanky up if Shanky did not do his work well then. Meanwhile, Subhash tells Ajooni that he will see what he has to do. Rajveer takes Ajooni from there. He tells Neeru to stay with Meher.

Episode ends.

Precap – Rajveer works to buy new saree for Ajooni to gift her on her birthday.

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