Ajooni 1st August 2022 Written Update: Rajveer stops Ajooni’s engagement

Ajooni 1st August 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Ajooni’s father asks Rajveer and his friends what they wants. Rajveer says that he wants Ajooni. Avinash asks him that how can the latter talk like that. Rajveer’s friend points gun at Avinash. Ajooni’s father asks them that why they are doing this drama and playing with their respect. He asks them to leave from there. Rajveer asks him to not get afraid seeing gun because he has licence. And he want to marry Ajooni legally.

Ajooni’s father tells him that marriage is not joke and asks him to leave from there. Rajveer asks him to not talk too much because at end he will get what he wants. He says that Ajooni’s marriage will happen with him at any cost. Bharat asks him to stop his nonsense. He threatens to take him to police station. Rajveer’s friends holds Bharat. Rajveer tells his friends to leave Bharat. He asks Bharat to not get angry.

Beeji asks Rajveer to stop his drama and leave from there. She says that they are not afraid of his gun. Rajveer takes her blessings. He tells her that he liked her fiery attitude. He asks her to slap him because he will assume that as blessings. Ajooni’s father requests Rajveer to leave from there. Rajveer asks him to not do that. Rajveer says that he will leave. He announces that next week his engagement will happen with Ajooni there. He orders guests to return next week. Guests leaves from there.

Later, Neeru cries. Ajooni’s father asks her to stop crying. Bua Bindu says that she is sure that Ajooni and Rajveer knows each other that’s why Rajveer did all this. Neeru asks Ajooni that if the latter knows Rajveer already. Ajooni tells her everything. Bharat asks her that why the latter did not tell him anything. Beeji says that she knows everything already. She adds that they never thought Rajveer will do something like this. Neeru wonders that what Avinash’s family will think about them.

Avinash’s mother tells her husband that they faced insult because of Ajooni. He tells her that they can’t take any decision for now. She says that it’s about Avinash’s future. Avinash tells her that he loves Ajooni and he will marry her. Meanwhile, Neeru refuses to eat saying that she is not hungry. They hears noise from godown. Beeji asks Subash to file a complaint against Rajveer. Subash tells her that he will contact his student Manjeet who is police officer.

Next day, Subash reaches the police station with his family. They tells Manjeet about Rajveer. After some time, Manjeet meets Rajveer. Rajveer asks for arrest warrant. Manjeet scolds him. He finds gun in Rajveer’s pocket. He arrests him and takes him from there. Beeji and Neeru thinks that their problem got solved. In the police station, Rajveer’s friends brings licence for Rajveer’s guns. Rajveer gives the license to Manjeet. Manjeet avoids his higher officer’s call. He puts Rajveer behind bars. Rajveer’s friends talks about Rajveer’s father Ravinder Singh.

Episode ends.

Precap – Ravinder asks Manjeet to release Rajveer.

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