Ajooni 21st November 2022 Written Update: Rajveer brings proof against Shikha

Ajooni 21st November 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Ravinder points a gun at Ajooni. He shoots the flower vase. He tells her that he missed the target because he did not practice nowadays. He says that Ajooni destroyed Bagga family so he will destroy her. Ajooni pleads him to trust her that she did nothing. He asks her to confess that she is behind everything. He keeps an apple on her shoulder and apple falls down. He asks her to keep the apple on her shoulder. He keeps small fruit on her hand. He tells her that she has to pay for her deeds.

On the other hand, Rajveer asks Shikha’s parents that where is Shikha. He searches Shikha in the house. Shikha’s father asks him that what’s happening there. Rajveer tells him that Shikha killed Harvinder. Shikha’s mother warns him to not accuse Shikha unnecessarily. Rajveer tells her that he has proof against Shikha. He finds Shikha hiding in the cupboard.

Ajooni tells Ravinder that she is telling the truth she did nothing. Ravinder tells her that he can’t tolerate her lie anymore. He points a gun at her. Rajveer holds Ajooni’s hand. He pushes Shikha towards Ravinder. Ajooni back hugs Rajveer and cries. Rajveer asks Ravinder to stop all this. He mocks him for not using his mind to find the real culprit of Harvinder.

Ravinder tells Harman that Rajveer is teaching him what he should do. He tells Rajveer that he was waiting for him only. He asks Ajooni to not give her fate to anyone. He asks Rajveer that what is the latter’s new drama. Rajveer tells him that he came to finish the game. He reveals that the phone which police found in the accident spot belongs to Shikha. Everyone gets shocked hearing him.

Shikha tells Ravinder that’s not her phone and Rajveer misunderstood it. Rajveer gives phone bill copy to Ravinder. He says that jeep burned completely but nothing happened to phone because Shikha was there. Shikha says that she has nothing to do with all this. Ravinder asks her that how her phone reached there. He says that he punished innocent people due to Shikha. He points a gun at her. She tells him that she did nothing.

Shikha’s father asks Ravinder to stop all this. He tells him that Shikha love Harvinder. Shikha’s mother asks why Shikha will kill Harvinder when Shikha is pregnant with Harvinder’s child. She gives medical report to Ravinder. Shikha’s father says that Shikha could not move on in her life because Harvinder promised to marry her after divorcing Aman. Ravinder asks them what proof they have to prove that Shikha is pregnant with Harvinder’s child. Shikha says that Harvinder’s soul must be crying seeing all this. She adds that Harvinder wanted to share this good news to Ravinder. She scolds her parents for coming there.

Episode ends.

Precap – Aman tries to kill Shikha.

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