Ajooni 21st September 2022 Written Update: Ravinder cancels Harvinder and Shikha’s marriage

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Episode begins with Ravinder’s PA looks after decorations. Dolly comes there. He gets surprised seeing her. She asks him that how can she miss her father’s birthday party. Harman tells Dolly that the latter would have suffered a lot there. Dolly tells her that she brought gift for her. Rajveer says that Dolly looks fit and fine. Dolly shows Avinash and Ajooni’s photo to Harman.

Harman recalls that how she saw Avinash in the house. She tells her about Avinash’s arrival. Dolly tells her that they should expose Ajooni. Harman tells her that they should use this at the right time. She says that today Ravinder going to announce Harvinder’s second marriage so they can’t make any mistake today.

On the other hand, Ajooni gets ready. Rajveer helps her to wear necklace. She tries to talk to him about Avinash but Rajveer’s friend takes Rajveer from there. Meanwhile, Harman asks Ravinder that if he will announce Harvinder’s marriage. Ravinder warns her to not try to teach him what he should do. He says that today is his birthday so he won’t slap her. He compliments her. Harvinder invites the guests. Shikha’s family comes there. Ravinder punishes the guy who clicked Harvinder and Shikha’s photo.

Later, Ravinder’s birthday party begins. He says that he want to announce something. He announces that Harvinder’s second marriage going to happen with Shikha. Ajooni tells him that this marriage can’t happen. She asks Aman to tell the truth to everyone. Aman says that she is pregnant. Ajooni tells Ravinder that Aman is pregnant so no need of Harvinder’s second marriage.

Ravinder asks Aman to repeat the line. Aman tells him that she is pregnant. He gets happy hearing her. Bebe smiles. Ravinder congratulates Harvinder. He tells Shikha’s father that this marriage can’t happen now because Aman is pregnant. Shikha’s father asks him that how can the latter cancel the marriage. Ravinder reminds him that he said that he is doing Harvinder’s second marriage for grandchild. He says that now Aman is pregnant.

Harvinder tells him that just few minutes back only the latter announced the marriage. He asks him that how can the latter back off. Ravinder scolds him. He praises Aman. He tells her that this is his best birthday. He says that he is so happy with her gift. He tells her that she is queen of this house. He tells PA to distribute sweets to everyone. Rajveer offers sweets to Shikha. Shikha glares him and Harvinder and leaves from there.

Ravinder feeds sweet to Harvinder. He asks him to smile. He tells Harman that she is going to be grandma. He offers sweets to her and Bebe. Subhash gives gift to Ravinder. Ravinder says that let Dolly stay in his house for few days. He says that Harman going to temple so Dolly can take care of Aman. Subhash nods at him. Ravinder makes Aman cut the cake. He blesses her.

Episode ends.

Precap – Ajooni tells Rajveer that Harvinder will change seeing his baby. Rajveer asks her that if their relationship will change. Dolly plans to separate Ajooni and Rajveer.

Episode begins with Ajooni gets shocked seeing Avinash. She recalls the moments she shared with him. Avinash tells her that Doctor Khanna send him to treat Aman. He examines Aman. She picks Rajveer’s call and she informs him about Doctor’s arrival. She asks Avinash about Aman’s condition. Avinash tells her that he injected Aman. She takes him to the hall. She asks for Doctor fees from Harman. Harman taunts Ajooni. She gives money to Avinash and goes inside.

He asks Ajooni that if she is fine. He says that he could understand what happened to Aman. He asks her about her husband. She tells him that he should go now. He moves from there. Rajveer enters the house. He gets angry seeing Avinash there. He beat him up for coming there. Ajooni asks him to stop it and it turns out to be her dream. Avinash asks Ajooni to take care of Aman and leaves from there.

Shikha ignores Harvinder’s calls. Then she picks his call. He tells her that he could apologizes to her for whatever happened. She tells him that she has been proved wrong so he need not to apologize. She informs him that her father scolded her a lot. He tells her that they should have booked a room in the hotel. He blames Aman and Ajooni for everything. He promises to protect her after marriage. She tells him that they can talk about it later.

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