Ajooni 24th September 2022 Written Update: Avinash saves Aman

Ajooni 24th September 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Rajveer asks Ajooni that if Avinash came before. Ajooni nods at him. He asks her that why she hided from him. She tells him that she did not hide anything from him. She tells him that Mr. Khanna sent Avinash to their house and she tried to tell him but she did not got the right chance. She says that Dolly called Avinash today. He tells her that he don’t like these coincidences and leaves from there.

On the other hand, Harvinder meets Shikha in the restaurant. She tells him that this is their last meeting. She says that her parents will fix her marriage soon. She tauntingly congratulates him for becoming a father. He tells her that he don’t want that child. He says that he can’t let her go away from him. He tells her that he could kill Aman. She tells him that Ravinder will kill him. He tells her that his plan is perfect and no one will suspect him.

Ajooni takes Aman to the hospital. Dolly informs Harvinder that they left for the hospital. In the hospital, Ajooni fills the form. She tells Aman to go to the 3rd floor. Aman gets in the elevator. Elevator gets stuck. Gas starts leaking. Ajooni uses the staircase. Security guard gets shocked seeing elevator clip and leaves from there.

Harvinder and Shikha smiles seeing the CCTV footage. He tells her that now Aman will die because of the poisonous gas and hospital will be responsible for it. Ajooni learns that Aman did not reach the 3rd floor yet. She learns that one woman stuck in the elevator. She goes to monitor room and gets shocked seeing Aman’s condition. She asks Receptionist to save Aman. Receptionist tells her that she called the elevator company. Avinash learns everything from Ajooni. Wardboy tells Harvinder that elevator won’t work for the next 2 hours.

In the same hospital, Ravinder tells Rajveer that he don’t trust Harvinder anymore. He says that politics is not a kids game. He tells him that they have to take a decision after thinking a lot. They learns that elevator is not working. Rajveer asks Receptionist about Aman. Receptionist tells him everything. Baggas goes upstairs. Meanwhile, Aman loses her consciousness.

Avinash sees a wardboy coming out of power supply room. He tries to follow the wardboy but Ajooni stops him. She tells him that saving Aman is their priority. He repairs the elevator. Rajveer picks Aman. Ajooni and Avinash learns that Aman is in the ICU. Doctor admits Aman in the ICU. Harvinder scolds the wardboy. He tells Shikha that wardboy ruined everything. Ravinder tells Rajveer that this is second attack on Aman. He suspects that Harvinder is there but could not find him there. Avinash brings Ajooni there.

Episode ends.

Precap – Ravinder tells Ajooni that he won’t spare her if anything happened to his grandchild then. Later, Avinash tells Ajooni that Aman is not pregnant.

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