Ajooni 27th October 2022 Written Update: Ajooni performs puja for Rajveer’s sake

Ajooni 27th October 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Bebe asks Ravinder to go to election rally. Ravinder tells her that he will go soon. Guru Maharaj comes there. Baggas takes Guru Maharaj’s blessings. Ravinder asks Guru Maharaj that if everything is fine. Guru Maharaj complains about Ajooni to him. He says that Ajooni insulted him. Harman calls Ajooni on Ravinder’s behest. Ajooni comes there and takes Guru Maharaj’s blessings. Ravinder scolds her. He asks Guru Maharaj to punish Ajooni.

Guru Maharaj says that he is no one to punish Ajooni. He says that Ajooni don’t care about anyone not even Rajveer. He says that he just came to warn Baggas that Ajooni will ruin Rajveer’s life. Ajooni tells Ravinder that Rajveer is everything for her. She asks him that why she should be punished when she did nothing wrong. Guru Maharaj asks Ravinder that how can they punish Ajooni when she did not realise her mistake yet. Ajooni tells him that she just met him to know the truth of his words. Bebe asks her that who is the latter to test Guru Maharaj.

Ajooni says that she just said that those accidents could be co incidence. Ravinder tells her that he won’t tolerate all this. He tells her to apologize to Guru Maharaj by touching his feet. Ajooni tells Guru Maharaj that love can change anything. She says that she and Rajveer love each other. She asks him to save Rajveer from all the problems if he know everything then. Ravinder asks her to stop it. He orders Chamko to take Ajooni inside. He apologizes to Guru Maharaj on behalf of Ajooni.

Guru Maharaj says that he can’t change Rajveer’s fate completely. He says that Ajooni has to perform puja and that’s difficult one. Ravinder tells him that he will make Ajooni perform puja. Guru Maharaj leaves from there.

After some time, Ravinder puts bullet in the gun. He points a gun at Ajooni. Ajooni asks him that what wrong she did. Bebe asks her to think how they would have felt when Rajveer got injured. She says that Rajveer is her life. Harman pleads Ravinder to spare Ajooni’s life. Ravinder says that he fulfilled Rajveer’s all the wishes that’s why Ajooni is part of this family now. He informs Ajooni that, that bullet is fake. He says that he wanted her to feel what is death. He tells her that he will kill her if Rajveer got injured again then. He tells Harman to make Ajooni perform puja and leaves from there.

Harman gives water to Ajooni. She asks her to perform puja for Rajveer. She tells her about mantras. She asks her to take rest for sometime and leaves from there. After some time, Puja begins. Later, Ajooni faints.

Episode ends.

Precap – Ajooni refuses to take medicine. Dolly instigates Rajveer against Ajooni. Harman thanks Ajooni for not telling about puja to Rajveer.

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