Ajooni 2nd August 2022 Written Update: Ravinder learns about Rajveer’s arrest

Ajooni 2nd August 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Ravinder punishes the guy who went against him. That guy’s father pleads Ravinder to leave them. Ravinder tells him that they should not have crossed their limits. He says that no one can go against him. He threatens to kill his son if they came in front of again then. He learns about his son Rajveer’s arrest.

On the other hand, Bindu is not able to concentrate on household chores. Beeji asks her to stay alert. Bindu asks Neeru that what happened. Neeru informs her that relatives calling and asking about the drama which happened. She says that few telling them to say yes for Ajooni and Rajveer’s marriage because he is rich and cries. Subash asks her to not think about them because they knows their family values. Beeji tells Neeru that they should not care about society.

Bindu tells her that they have to live in this society only. She asks her to understand the seriousness of the issue. She reminds her that Ajooni’s engagement broke and it’s not a small thing. She adds that it won’t stop with this and they have to find guy for Meher too in the future. Beeji asks her to stop it. She tells Neeru that nothing wrong will happen with them. Neeru tells Ajooni that the latter should have informed them about Rajveer. She adds that everyone suffering because of Ajooni’s mistake and goes inside. Ajooni cries.

In the police station, Rajveer asks Manjeet to take selfie with him and post it in social media to get famous. Ravinder comes there. He tells Manjeet that the latter showed his courage by putting Rajveer behind bars. Rajveer gets shocked hearing his father. Ravinder says that his family went to jail many times but this one is bad experience.

Ajooni recalls that how Rajveer announced their engagement. Subash asks her to not cry. She apologizes to him for hiding about Rajveer’s actions. He tells her that he trust her completely. She tells him that she don’t even know Rajveer. He tells her that crying is not the solution for the problem. She says that everyone suffering because of her. He asks her to not think about society. He tells her that they should concentrate on solutions than problems. She hugs him.

Ravinder tells Manjeet to release Rajveer. But Manjeet refuses. Ravinder calls DCP and informs him about Rajveer’s arrest. DCP orders Manjeet to release Rajveer. He apologizes to Ravinder for troubling him. Manjeet releases Rajveer. Rajveer takes Ravinder’s blessings. Ravinder says that they should celebrate this day and leaves from there. Rajveer invites Manjeet for his and Ajooni’s engagement. He says that Manjeet need not to worry about leave because the latter will come as security.

Ajooni cries seeing her family photo. Meher asks her that why the latter crying. Ajooni tells her that she don’t know anything about Rajveer. Meher tells her that she trust her and hugs her. Ajooni says that there is nothing going on between her and Rajveer.

Episode ends.

Precap – Ajooni finds paper pamphlet which has her and Rajveer’s photo. She tears it in front of Rajveer.

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