Ajooni 30th August 2022 Written Update: Ajooni accepts Ravinder’s conditions

Ajooni 30th August 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Ravinder tells Ajooni to apologize to Bebe. Ajooni apologizes to Bebe. He asks her to promise that she won’t repeat her mistakes. He tells her to not go in front of Rajveer. He says that Ajooni has to do all the household chores. She accepts his conditions. He burns her books. She cries seeing that. He tells Dolly to take Ajooni inside the house. Dolly takes Ajooni inside the house. Ravinder tells Bebe that he can burn anything. Bebe praises him.

Next day, Ajooni sees Rajveer from outside the room. She is about to enter the room but stops herself recalling Ravinder’s conditions. She goes to the kitchen and starts cooking. Dolly tells her that Aman left for temple. She says that Harman told to help her. Ajooni tells her that she don’t need Dolly’s help, because guest is coming today. After some time, Mr. Sethi reaches Bagga mansion. He praises Ravinder. He asks him about Rajveer. Ravinder tells him that he opened a new factory for Rajveer so his son is busy with work. Mr. Sethi tells him that they need youngsters in their party. He says that he decided to give one party ticket to Rajveer. Everyone smiles hearing him. Ravinder tells Mr. Sethi that he is so happy.

Harman serves sweets to Mr. Sethi. Mr. Sethi asks Harman that who cooked today. Harman tells him that Ajooni cooked today. He says that food was so tasty. He blesses Ajooni. He asks her about her studies. Ajooni tells him that she completed her graduation. PA tells Mr. Sethi that Ajooni came first in whole district. Mr. Sethi compliments Ajooni. Dolly gets upset hearing him. PA says that they even sent sweets to Mr. Sethi. Mr. Sethi tells Ravinder that he has an idea. He says that he want to give one seat to Ajooni. Ravinder tells him that Ajooni is their pride. He says that he don’t want Ajooni to enter politics.

Later, Harman tells Dolly that Rajveer never slept like this. She blames Ajooni for Rajveer’s condition. She says that she feels like Ajooni did black magic on Mr. Sethi too. She adds that she has to teach a lesson to Ajooni. Maid Chamku tells Harman that Ravinder calling her. Harman leaves the room. Dolly tells Chamku to keep toilet cleaner near the sink. She asks her to tell Ajooni to wash the utensils. Chamku nods at her. She goes to the kitchen. She put toilet cleaner in the bowl. Ajooni comes there. Chamku gives the bowl to her. She says that Harman told her to wash the utensils. She goes to bring remaining utensils from the dining table. She smriks and leaves from there. Ajooni is about to pour water in the bowl.

Episode ends.

Precap – Rajveer tells his family that they tried to kill Ajooni and how can he take rest. Ravinder asks him that who tried to kill Ajooni. Rajveer asks him to ask that question to Dolly. Everyone gets shocked hearing him.

Episode begins with Harman slaps Ajooni. She blames her for Rajveer’s condition. Meanwhile, Baggas talks to Rajveer one by one. But Rajveer does not respond. Ravinder asks Aman to bring Bebe. Aman tells him that Bebe left for temple. She says that Bebe will stay in the temple until Rajveer gets fine. Harman tells Ajooni that the latter can’t stay in the house. She beat her up. She tries to throw her out of the house.

Ajooni screams Rajveer’s name. Everyone hears that. Rajveer responds hearing Ajooni. He murmurs Ajooni’s name. Doctor tells Ravinder that Rajveer is out of danger now. He says that Rajveer need to take rest. Everyone goes downstairs. Ravinder tells Harman that Rajveer is out of danger now. Harman thanks God.

Aman tells Ajooni that Rajveer responded hearing her voice. Harvinder tells her that medicine saved Rajveer. Ravinder asks Ajooni that if she did not leave the house yet. Ajooni tells him that Rajveer brought her to this house by marrying her. So she won’t leave the house until Rajveer asks her to leave. Harman tells her that she will throw her out of the house. Ravinder throws Ajooni out of the house. Ajooni pleads him to not do that. He tells her to not come again and he locks the main door.

On the other hand, Subhash asks Meher that what happened at Bagga mansion. He asks Bindu to tell the truth. Bindu tells him everything.

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