Ajooni 31st October 2022 Written Update: Harman hides the divorce papers from Ravinder

Ajooni 31st October 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Harman gives house key to Aman. Aman takes Harman’s blessings. She tells Rajveer to drop Dolly at Ajooni’s house. After some time, lawyer comes to Bagga house. He slips and drops the papers. Ajooni helps him to collect the papers. Harman wonders that if Ajooni saw the divorce papers of Aman and Harvinder.

Ravinder and Rajveer comes there. Rajveer goes to his room. Harman tells Ajooni to go to her room. Ajooni follows Rajveer. Ravinder asks lawyer that what is he doing there. Harman tells him that he told the lawyer to bring factory papers. He asks her that when he called the lawyer. He says that seems like he forgot due to election work. He asks lawyer to keep the papers if he has to sign then and goes inside. She takes the divorce papers from lawyer.

In the kitchen, Aman recalls that how Harvinder apologized to her and how Harman gave house key to her. She tells Ajooni that she never thought she will get respect in this house. Harman asks for money to give it to jeweller.

Ajooni offers tea to Rajveer. He tells her that he don’t want it. She asks him that if he is fine. He asks her to not show her fake concern. He says that he can take care of himself and he is not a small kid. She keeps the tray on the table. She hits her leg on the table by mistake and she screams. He gets worried and rubs her leg. She pushes his hand away. He asks her that why she is behaving like this. She refuses to answer him. He leaves the room angrily.

Harman hides the divorce papers of Aman and Harvinder from Ravinder. Ravinder tells her that her face says that something is fishy. He asks her that what is she hiding from him. She tells him that she brought jewel for Aman. She informs him that she gave house key to Aman. She says that even Bebe don’t have any problem with it.

Aman tells Chamko that the latter did not wash Harvinder’s shirt well. Chamko yells at her. She says that Aman can’t take Harman’s place. Harman comes there and asks Aman that what happened. Aman tells her everything. Chamko asks her that how can Aman become malkin. Harman tells Aman to beat Chamko up to teach a lesson to Chamko. Ravinder also asks Aman to teach a lesson to Chamko. He gives Bebe’s stick to her. Aman beat Chamko up with a stick. She warns her to not talk like that again. Ajooni asks her that what is the latter doing. Aman tells her that she tolerated everything till now but not anymore. She orders Ajooni to not interfere and leaves from there.

Later, Harman gives gold chain to Chamko. She tells her to do something. She gives papers to her. She asks her to send Ajooni there.

Episode ends.

Precap – Harman asks Ajooni to get Aman’s sign on bank papers. Chamko collides with Ajooni deliberately and changes the papers.

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