Ajooni 3rd August 2022 Written Update: Goons beats Avinash

Ajooni 3rd August 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Ravinder asks Rajveer that what the latter did to end up behind bars. Rajveer’s friend tells him that it’s about love. Ravinder says that his son become an adult. He tells Rajveer that girls can’t stay in his heart. He says that he will find a rich girl for Rajveer like how his mother found Rajveer’s mother. He asks him to return home after some time. Rajveer gets shocked hearing him. Ravinder leaves from there. Rajveer thinks that girls should stay in heart and they deserves love and respect.

On the other hand, Ajooni calls Avinash but no response from other side. She tells Meher that Avinash’s phone is switched off. Meher tells her that Avinash is a Doctor so he must be busy. She asks her to think positively. Meanwhile, Neeru tells Subash that they should talk to Avinash’s parents. Subash says that there is a possibility that Avinash’s parents took decision already. Beeji tells him that they should talk to Avinash’s parents for Ajooni’s sake. She asks Bharat to call Avinash’s father.

Avinash comes there with his father. Subash apologizes to them. He tells them that they don’t know that goon Rajveer. Avinash’s father tells him that Rajveer is really dangerous. Subash says that he will respect their decision. Avinash says that he took decision already. He announces that he will marry Ajooni. Ajooni’s family members gets happy hearing him. Avinash says that they fixed new date for engagement which is after 6 days. They hears noise from godown and goes out.

Avinash notices that Rajveer wrote message on his car. He asks Rajveer that what drama is this. Rajveer’s friend tells him that Rajveer’s engagement will happen with Ajooni after 6 days. Rajveer warns Avinash’s father. He says that Avinash should leave Ajooni or else anything can happen with Avinash. Avinash’s father takes his son from there. Rajveer reminds Subash that his engagement will happen with Ajooni after 6 days. He asks him to prepare everything for engagement. He adds that he will handle everything after engagement. He tells Ajooni that he can do anything for her. Ajooni’s family goes inside.

Neeru tells Subash to call Manjeet. Subash calls Manjeet and tells him about Rajveer’s actions. Manjeet tells him that Rajveer is Ravinder’s son that’s why he could not put Rajveer behind bars. He apologizes to him. He says that he will do something but he needs time. Subash tells him that he can understand. He asks him to take care of himself and disconnects the call.

Next day, Ajooni receives newspaper. She notices paper pamphlet which has her and Rajveer’s photo. Subash sees it too. He says that Rajveer crossed all the limits. Ajooni goes to godown and tears the paper pamphlet in front of Rajveer and leaves from there. Rajveer says that Avinash coming in between him and Ajooni so he has to do something with Avinash.

Ajooni calls Avinash and tells him about Rajveer’s actions. Avinash asks her to not worry because he is with her. Goons comes there and beat Avinash up for not treating the patient well. Ajooni gets worried about Avinash.

Episode ends.

Precap – Ajooni tells Rajveer that he don’t deserve to marry her. She says that she won’t marry him no matter what because she hates him. Rajveer tells her that he loves her and he is not afraid of anyone. And he can even fight against God.