Ajooni 8th August 2022 Written Update: Ajooni decides to marry Rajveer

Ajooni 8th August 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Bindu says that their house become jail for them. Neeru says that Rajveer talking about marriage so what are they going to do. Subhash says that they can’t do anything. Bindu says that they can’t even find a good guy for Ajooni after what Rajveer did. He says that he will send Ajooni to hell than letting her marry Rajveer and goes inside. Beeji scolds Bindu. Bindu tells her that they don’t have any other choice than letting Rajveer marry Ajooni.

On the other hand, Ravinder tells Bebe that all the newspapers published Rajveer’s announcement. Bebe tells him that she won’t let Rajveer marry Ajooni. Rajveer comes there and takes Bebe’s blessings. She asks him about preparations of engagement. He informs her that he cancelled the engagement. Ravinder gets happy hearing him and he hugs him. Rajveer reveals that he will marry Ajooni directly. Bebe and Ravinder gets shocked hearing him. Rajveer asks his father to smile in front of Ajooni’s family. Ravinder slaps him. He says that Ajooni can’t become his daughter in law and leaves from there. Rajveer tells Bebe that he will marry Ajooni tomorrow.

Dolly tells her mother that she planned to go for shopping but Rajveer ruined everything. Her mother wonders that what kind of girl Ajooni must be. Dolly says that she will do love marriage too like Rajveer. Bebe lashes out at her. She threatens to kill her. She warns her to stay in her limits. Rajveer ties Subhash. He threatens to kill Ajooni’s family. Neeru pleads him to leave them. Subhash pleads Rajveer to not hurt his family. Rajveer says that only Ajooni matters for him. Neeru faints and it turns out to be Ajooni’s nightmare. Ajooni decides to marry Rajveer to ruin his life.

Next day, Bharat informs his family that he hired goons to kill Rajveer. Neeru asks him to not do like that. Subhash comes there and asks them that where is Ajooni. In the Gurdwara, Ajooni asks God to help her in this decision. She recalls all the recent moments. She meets Rajveer. He asks her that why she called him there. She tells him that she is ready to marry him. He gets happy hearing her. She tells him that she has a condition. She asks him to publicly apologize to her family. He agrees to apologize to her family.

Dolly buys an outfit to attend Rajveer’s marriage. Ravinder tells her that Rajveer’s marriage won’t happen. Rajveer comes there. He asks them to decide between his death and his marriage. Bebe says that elders decides marriage. Rajveer tells her that he choosed a girl but they will go to Ajooni’s house to talk about marriage. Ravinder scolds him. Meanwhile, Bharat asks Ajooni that how can she agree to marry Rajveer. Ajooni says that she don’t want her family to suffer. She adds that she will make Rajveer suffer after marriage.

Episode ends.

Precap – Rajveer threatens to shoot himself.

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