Ajooni 9th November 2022 Written Update: Aman apologizes to Ajooni

Ajooni 9th November 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Bebe performs puja. She says that today Rajveer is going to fill the election form. She asks God to bless Rajveer. Rajveer’s friends says that no one can beat Rajveer. Harman says that Rajveer will win the election for sure. She is about to put tilak on his face but he stops her. Rajveer tells Bebe that from now on only she has rights to put tilak on his face. He takes her blessings. Harman asks him that if he won’t take her blessings. He tells Bebe that he want to write her name in mother column and leaves from there.


Harman cries. Bebe scolds her for crying. She asks her to face the consequences for her mistakes. Harman tells her that she did not tried to kill Rajveer. Bebe says that she won’t spare the person who tried to kill Rajveer. Ajooni looks at Harvinder. Harvinder says that he has an important work and leaves the house. Bebe asks that where is Aman. 

Ajooni finds Aman and she unties her. Aman tells her that Harvinder went to court to get stamp on divorce papers. She says that everything happening due to Ajooni. Harman comes there. Aman pleads her to not throw her out of the house. Ajooni asks her to calm down. She says that she will stop this divorce no matter what. 

In the magistrate’s office, Harvinder gives the divorce papers to district magistrate Dheeraj. Dheeraj asks him that where is Aman. Harvinder tells him that Aman signed on the divorce papers already. Dheeraj tells him that Aman should come there to give her statement. Harvinder tells him that he will bring his wife and leaves from there. 

Bebe tells Ravinder that Harman confessed her mistakes but she is not accepting that she is behind Rajveer’s accidents. Ravinder tells her that he don’t think Harman tried to kill Rajveer. She agrees with him. He asks her to not worry and leaves from there. 

Harvinder brings Shikha to magistrate office. Shikha introduces herself as Aman to Dheeraj. She tells Dheeraj that she don’t have any problem in this divorce. Dheeraj is about to stamp on the divorce papers but Ajooni stops him. Harvinder and Shikha gets shocked seeing Aman and Ajooni there. 

Ajooni introduces herself and Aman to Dheeraj. She reveals Shikha’s lie to him. She shows Baggas family photo to him. Shikha says that she is Aman. She tells Dheeraj that that photo must be edited one. Ajooni says that she will call Ravinder there. Harvinder says that what’s the need of all that. Ajooni tells Dheeraj that Harvinder took Aman’s sign by cheating her. Dheeraj scolds Harvinder. He returns the file to him. Harvinder scolds Aman. He is about to slap Aman but Ajooni holds his hand. Ajooni warns Harvinder. 

Outside the magistrate’s office, Aman apologizes to Ajooni for mistaking her. Ajooni takes her to some place. Aman tells her that if this news went out then their family reputation will be ruined. Ajooni asks her to not worry because she will talk to them. 

Episode ends. 

Precap  – Ajooni informs a lady about Aman’s issue. Later, that lady tells Ravinder that they received complaint against men of Bagga house. 

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