Ajooni: Rajveer to announce the engagement on Television!

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Shoaib Ibrahim and Ayushi Khurana starrer Ajooni is Star Bharat show. This show is about how, despite coming from a middle-class family with strong family values, Ajooni is compelled to marry the guy she despises the most.

Now, Rajveer decides to teach a lesson to Avinash so it will be intriguing to watch that what going to happen in the future episodes.

In the current track, Ajooni and Subhash reaches the hospital and they gets worried seeing Avinash. Avinash’s mother blames Ajooni. Avinash’s father says that Rajveer is behind this attack so he can’t support Subhash anymore.

Avinash says that he won’t change his decision of marrying Ajooni. Subhash and Ajooni leaves the room. Rajveer asks Subhash what the latter doing there instead of preparing for engagement. He says that he want to marry Ajooni with all the rituals. Ajooni asks him to stop his nonsense.

She tells him that he don’t deserve to marry her and become part of her family. She says that she hates him and she won’t marry him even if God asked her to do. He tells her that he loves her. He says that he is not even scared of God.

She leaves the hospital with Subhash. Next day, Subhash and Bharat meets Lawyer Surendra and tells him about Rajveer’s actions. Surendra agrees to take the case to become famous.

He says that they have to prove that Rajveer harassed Ajooni so Ajooni’s statement is important. Meanwhile, Beeji meets Avinash’s parents with Neeru and Ajooni. She apologizes to Avinash’s parents.

Avinash’s mother scolds her. Avinash apologizes to Beeji on behalf of his mother. Rajveer sees Ajooni leaving from Avinash’s house. He also sees Geet leaving for school. He decides to teach a lesson to Rajveer. Later, Avinash and his mother searches Geet.

In the upcoming episode, Rajveer will announce his engagement with Ajooni on television. Ajooni will tell her family that she will expose Rajveer and his father in front of media.

Where is Geet? Is Rajveer reason behind Geet’s disappearance?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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