Ajooni Weekly Update: Rajveer’s family learns about Rajveer’s love.

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This week Ajooni begins with Ajooni’s father Subhash asks Rajveer and his friends to not do drama and leave from there. Rajveer asks him to not get afraid seeing his gun because he has licence for it.

He says that he want to marry Ajooni legally. Bharat asks him to stop his nonsense. He threatens to take him to police station. Rajveer asks him to not get angry because they are going to be relatives. Beeji says that they are not afraid of the gun and she warns him.

Rajveer takes her blessings and praises her fiery attitude. Subhash requests Rajveer to leave from there. Rajveer announces that next week his engagement will happen with Ajooni. He orders guests to return next week. Guests leaves from there.

Later, Neeru asks Ajooni about Rajveer. Ajooni tells her everything. Bharat asks her that why the latter did not tell him anything. Beeji says that she also knows everything already. She adds that they never thought Rajveer will do something like that.

Neeru worries about Avinash family’s decision. Meanwhile, Avinash’s mother tells her family that Ajooni don’t deserve to become their daughter in law. Avinash tells her that he loves Ajooni and he will marry Ajooni.

Next day, Subhash meets his student Manjeet in police station. He informs him about Rajveer’s actions. Later, Manjeet arrests Rajveer for keeping gun. Manjeet puts him behind bars even though Rajveer showed license for gun.

Ravinder punishes the guy who went against him. He learns about his son Rajveer’s arrest. Other side, Bindu asks Neeru that what happened. Neeru informs her that relatives calling and asking about the drama which happened in the engagement.

She says that few telling them to say yes for the marriage because Rajveer is rich. Subhash asks her to not think about those people. Beeji says that they should not care about society. Bindu tells her that they have to live in this society only.

She adds that this matter can affect Meher’s marriage too. Neeru blames Ajooni for their problems. Subash consoles the crying Ajooni. She apologizes to him for hiding about Rajveer’s actions. He tells her that he trust her completely.

In the police station, Rajveer asks Manjeet to take selfie with him and post it in social media to get famous. Ravinder comes there and he forces Manjeet to release Rajveer. Rajveer gets released and he invites Manjeet to his and Ajooni’s engagement.

Ajooni cries seeing her family photo. Meher asks her that why the latter crying. Ajooni tells her that she don’t know anything about Rajveer. Meher tells her that she trust her and hugs her. Ravinder asks Rajveer that what the latter did to end up behind bars.

Rajveer’s friend tells him that it’s about love. Ravinder tells Rajveer that girls don’t deserve to stay in boys heart. He says that he will find a rich girl for Rajveer so the latter should return home after few days.

Rajveer thinks that girls deserves love and respect. Ajooni calls Avinash but no response from other side and she tells about it to Meher. Meher asks her to think positively.

Neeru and Beeji asks Subhash to talk to Avinash’s parents. Avinash comes there with his father. Subhash apologizes to them. Avinash informs them that he will marry Ajooni. And he says engagement will happen after 6 days at the same venue.

Ajooni and her family gets happy hearing him. They hears noise from godown and goes out. Rajveer threatens Avinash. He announces that his engagement will happen with Ajooni after 6 days.

He asks Subhash to prepare everything for engagement. After some time, Subhash calls Manjeet and learns about Ravinder. Next day, Ajooni receives newspaper. She notices paper pamphlet which has her and Rajveer’s photo.

She goes to godown and tears the paper pamphlet in front of Rajveer. Rajveer says that Avinash is responsible for all this.

Later, goons attacks Avinash in the hospital. Ajooni and Subhash reaches the hospital and they gets worried seeing Avinash. Avinash’s mother blames Ajooni. Avinash’s father says that Rajveer is behind this attack so he can’t support Subhash anymore.

Avinash says that he won’t change his decision of marrying Ajooni. Subhash and Ajooni leaves the room. Rajveer asks Subhash what the latter doing there instead of preparing for engagement.

He says that he want to marry Ajooni with all the rituals. Ajooni asks him to stop his nonsense. She tells him that he don’t deserve to marry her and become part of her family.

She says that she hates him and she won’t marry him even if God asked her to do. He tells her that he loves her. He says that he is not even scared of God. She leaves the hospital with Subhash.

Next day, Subhash and Bharat meets Lawyer Surendra and tells him about Rajveer’s actions. Surendra agrees to take the case to become famous. He says that they have to prove that Rajveer harassed Ajooni so Ajooni’s statement is important.

Meanwhile, Beeji meets Avinash’s parents with Neeru and Ajooni. She apologizes to Avinash’s parents. Avinash’s mother scolds her. Avinash apologizes to Beeji on behalf of his mother. Rajveer sees Ajooni leaving from Avinash’s house. He also sees Geet leaving for school. He decides to teach a lesson to Rajveer.

Avinash and his mother searches Geet. They gets worried about Geet. Rajveer comes there and talks about Geet. They understands that Rajveer kidnapped Geet. Avinash asks Rajveer that where is Geet. Rajveer’s friend brings Geet there.

Rajveer threatens Avinash’s family to not tell about it to police. He tells Avinash to stay away from Ajooni for his family’s sake and leaves from there. Avinash calls Subhash and he calls off the marriage. Subhash informs Avinash’s decision to his family.

He reveals that Rajveer kidnapped Geet that’s why Avinash took this decision. Next day, Ajooni’s family watches Television and sees the announcement in which Rajveer announced his engagement with Ajooni.

Rajveer’s sister Dolly watches the announcement too and she informs about it to her mother and her sister in law. Rajveer’s mother says that Rajveer must be joking. Maid tells her that they should take Rajveer seriously.

Subhash’s relatives and neighbors questions Subhash about Rajveer. Subhash feels disheartened and cries. He says that he lost the respect which he earned in these years.

Ajooni says that she will expose Rajveer and Ravinder using media. Bindu says that they are powerful people. Subhash says that they should not do anything against Rajveer.

Rajveer’s friend tells Rajveer that the latter’s family would have watched the announcement too. He gets scared of Bebe’s reaction. Rajveer tells him that he is Bebe’s favorite grandson.

He says that he can convince Bebe easily for the marriage. Meanwhile, Bebe prays to God for her family well-being. She asks God to ruin their enemies. Rajveer comes there. She beat him up for that announcement. He asks her to give permission for marriage.

But she refuses. She says that she will choose his wife. So he threatens to commit suicide. And she agrees for his engagement with Ajooni.

Later, Ravinder tells Bebe that he is facing insults because of Rajveer. Bebe tells him that they will perform Rajveer’s engagement with Ajooni but his marriage will happen with her choice of girl.

At night, Ajooni and her family tries to leave the city. But Rajveer catches them red-handed. He asks them that how can they try to leave the city. He tells Ajooni that he can’t live without her. He cancels the engagement. And he says that he will marry Ajooni directly.

In the upcoming episode, Rajveer will threaten to kill Ajooni’s family. Neeru will plead him to leave them. He will tell her that they can leave after the marriage. She will faint.

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