Akshara to prove her innocence: Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

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Drama to galore in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai post Neel will go missing.

In today’s episode, Neel hesitates to enter the Birla house. Parth brings Neel inside. Manjiri says that she stopped Akshara but why she didn’t listen to her. Harsh holds Neel’s collar and asks if he is not an orphan than who is he. He slaps Neel. Anand and Mahima try to stop Harsh. Harsh says none can stop him today. Akshara gets afraid seeing Harsh’s anger.

Abhimanyu comes back. Harsh says to Neel that he shouldn’t have chosen today’s day to talk about his identity. He decided to beat Neel to the blue. Akshara tries to stop Harsh. Harsh asks Akshara not to interrupt as she is clueless about his family matter. Manjiri wakes up. She blames Akshara for the mess. Manjiri tries to save Neel from Harsh’s wrath. Akshara tries to explain Manjiri that she didn’t told anything to anyone. Manjiri says to Akshara that she won’t be able to forgive her for disclosing the truth. Akshara stands teary.

Akshara feels Abhimanyu’s presence. Abhimanyu comes and reveals to Birla’s that Neel is Harsh’s illegitimate child. Birla stand stunned. Harsh refuse to believe. He asks Abhimanyu if he has gone crazy. Abhimanyu shows the DNA report to Harsh. Harsh stands stunned. Manjiri cries. Harsh takes the report from Abhimanyu and stands shocked holding the report. He refuses to believe that Neel is his son. Manjiri reveal that Neel is Harsh and Avni’s illegitimate child.

In the upcoming episode, Manjiri will accuse Akshara for disclosing the truth to Neel. Akshara will try to explain herself. Abhimanyu will get angry on Akshara too. Meanwhile, shattered Neel will walk down the road. Will Akshara be able to prove her innocence, time will tell.

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