Ali Baba- Dastaan-E-Kabul 10th November 2022 Written Update: Ali gifts earrings to Mariam

Ali Baba- Dastaan-e-Kabul 10th November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Ali thinking if the tent color will change if he wants. The colour changes and he gets surprised. He then turns a horse into a young boy. The boy makes noise like horse and it’s master wonders where did the horse go? Ali again turns the boy into horse. Later he finds a pillar is shaking and is about to fall on people in Parbaaz but he stops it from falling down so that noone gets hurt. His magic works and he smiles. He notices some kids are craving for food, he gives them food using his magic. Ali feels proud of his father that the latter also used to help people with his magic but Kasim misunderstood him. Ali says from now on he will also help people like his father.

Ali’s kids come inside their room and see luxurious stuffs, food, books etc. They think who brought these for them. Imad gets emotional seeing all the books. Poya also sheds happy tears seeing the delicious food. They start eating them. Ali asks them did they like the gifts? They all hug him and he thanks Mustafa in mind for giving the magical power to him and he fulfilled his kids’ wishes. Kids start telling about their wishes one by one. Poya demands food, Imad demands books. Alifi says she wants all of them to stay together always. Ali feels happy and he tells the kids to eat food. Mariam comes to Ali and says she was really worried for him. She asks him if he found out about the magic? Ali thinks she was right that he will get the magical power near the river.

Nazia feels overjoyed seeing the expensive gifts in the house and she asks Kasim when did he buy all these for her? She says he proved he loves her alot. Mariam thinks who brought all these? Kasim thinks the same. Ali feels he can’t tell about the magic to her as she might land in trouble. He thinks why he is worrying for her. He goes out and his friends ask him if he got his answers? Ali decides not to tell them about the magic else they will be in danger. He says he didn’t find out the answers yet, he gave presents to them biriyani, shawl and sword etc. Mariam thinks how did Ali get these? She questions him to reveal the truth. He feels nervous and he thinks why he can’t lie to her easily. He then says he earned coins and spent them behind his loved ones. He doesn’t know magic.

Mariam feels upset thinking Ali didn’t bring anything for her as he doesn’t consider her his own. Ali calls her and gifts ear rings to her. She gets delighted to see them and blushes. Simsim says now she won’t find the magician but whole Kabul will find him. Mariam looks at the earrings and then sees Daragazi is training his soldiers. He tells them not to get distracted but their main focus should be on their goal to defeat Saddam. Mariam meets him and she encourages the soldiers. They greet her. Mariam then shows some fighting skills to Daragazi which Ali taught her and attacks him. He says she is doing good but that’s not enough to get back Kabul again. She needs to practice more. Mariam thinks she should control her emotions and focus on her aim instead of thinking about Ali.

Precap- Mariam learns about gambling where people are wasting their money and time. Mariam goes to see that and Ali learns from Poya where she went

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