Ali Baba- Dastaan-e- Kabul 11th November 2022 Written Update: Ali helps Mariam secretly through Poya

Ali Baba- Dastaan-e- Kabul 11th November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Mariam holding the sword and says she won’t get distracted by anything and her sole motive will be defeating Saddam. She takes her position with the sword and attacks Daragazi. He trains her. Ali shows magic to Dadi and says it actually works and he used to believe magic doesn’t exist and he was wrong as Mustafa’s power is actually inside him. Dadi says he can do anything and he has that strength inside him to become a true magician. He can achieve all his goals. Ali gets delighted to hear that.

Gulrez is lying on floor and having seizure attacks. Ali gets shocked seeing her like that. He wishes for her recovery and she gets better immediately. He hugs her happily. Mariam sees a lady is trying to stop a man from leaving with the money. She starts crying and Mariam asks her if that was a thief. That lady says that was her son and he is addicted towards gambling and spending all money behind that. Mariam recalls how Saddam betrayed her and killed her father. She says she can understand the latter’s pain as she was betrayed by her own people. That lady reveals how Saddam is not good Sultan but he is encouraging all these illegal activities for his business. He will get punished for his deed soon. She adds this has to be stopped else Kabul people will be in grave danger.

Mariam says she wants to see the gambling area to get some proofs against Saddam. She learns the place, and goes there. Guards stop her saying ladies are not allowed to enter. Mariam says though she is a girl but she is expert at gambling. They allow her to play. Ali learns from Poya that Mariam has gone to the gambling area. He leaves with Poya to see her. Guards don’t let them go inside as Poya is a kid. Ali lies to them that Poya is his uncle, they refuse to believe that as Poya doesn’t look mature. Ali finds an idea to convince them. Poya asks the guard to put an egg inside his mouth and if it breaks then he will enter the place. Guard mocks him and Ali applies magic on Poya and he successfully breaks the egg. Poya goes inside with Ali.

They get shocked on finding Mariam there and Ali says he cant believe she is addicted to gambling. Poya goes to ask her why she is here. She should not practice all these. Mariam reveals she is not here to play but she will destroy this place. Poya wonders why does she want that? Mariam tells him to leave as this is not the right place for him. Poya informs Ali what Mariam is upto. He thinks Mariam will be in trouble as destroying this place is not an easy thing. He gives some coins to Poya with his magic and the latter gets surprised thinking from where did it come? Poya gives the coins to Mariam saying now she can play investing the coins. She goes to play the game and a man says if she wastes their time then they won’t tolerate. She says she will try her best. Ali prays that Mariam will succeed in her plan. He hides from her as he can’t tell her about his magic.

Precap- Saddam stops ration supplying in Parbaaz which angers the people in Parbaaz. Head says to everyone they have to find the Talisman locket and it’s an order. Ali gets scared.

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