Ali Baba- Dastaan-e-Kabul 12th September 2022 Written Update: Ali and Khusro decide to name Sehzaadi

Ali Baba- Dastaan-e- Kabul 12th September 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Ali talking to Khusro that they have to check the Parbaaz carefully to find Sehzaadi. Khusro suggests him that they will open their business after getting the reward. Ali’s kids wait for Poya outside of Dadi’s room. They get scared thinking Dadi might have eaten Poya thats why he is not coming out and he looks healthy too. Ali and Khusro sit near the same place where Mariam is sleeping. Ali tells Khusro that they should give a different name to Sehzaadi. When they will talk about her, noone will understand she is Sehzaadi. Khusro says they can call her Sehdidi and Ali scolds him for giving such funny name. Khusro says or they can call her “Inam” which means reward and they will get reward after finding her. Ali rejects the name too and says, Ladki name would be perfect and noone will get if she is royal or common girl. Khusro says they are hungry so they are running out of ideas.

He brings out a naan and shares that with Ali. Mariam wakes up from sleep and overhears their conversation, she gets nervous thinking they might be Saddam’s men. She drinks water when it drips from Ali’s bottle. She gets hungry and says sorry to her father in mind for stealing Ali’s food. She eats the naan and Ali Khusro wonder where did the food go? Ali wishes if they could get kabab to eat. Kabab appears due to the contact between Ali and Mariam’s lockets. Khusro gets surprised seeing that. Before Ali sees that Mariam starts eating the kabab too. Khusro sees it disappeared and he tells Ali sure some magic is happening, there was kabab.

Ali says that’s rubbish, if he says Khusro should turn into goat. He can’t become one. Khusro turns into a goat for real when Ali looks at another direction. Ali searches for him and says he wants his friend back. Khusro turns into human and tells Ali that he became a goat. Ali beats him thinking he is lying. One thief comes there to search for Mariam. Ali says they are also finding someone. Ali talks bad about the thieves and the latter gets angry. Ali calms him and tells him to leave. Later Ali says Sehzaadi might be struggling all alone, if he was in her place he would have disguised himself first. Mariam overhears that and gets an idea.

Ali’s kids try to see what happened to Poya. Poya suddenly scares them by opening the window. They get inside and find that Dadi is feeding Poya and showing him love. It delights the kids and they feel relaxed knowing Dadi is normal, same like other grandmothers. Ali’s friends look for the royal mark on the hands of ladies. Ali comes up with a plan that they will arrange for prayer for Mariam’s father’s departed soul. Mariam will surely come there to attend that and they will find her for sure. Zorabar overhears that and says he will not let Ali get Sehzaadi but he will find her first. Mariam looks for other clothes in the market and learns Kabul people are selling their stuffs at lowest rates to leave the Parbaaz. Thieves might return at anytime so Mariam should sell her stuffs too for money. Mariam searches for a buyer to sell the Talisman. There thieves are looking for the gem too and she asks one of them saying she also wants to sell a gem. The thief looks at her.

Precap- Ali announces for previous Sultan’s prayers. Mariam reaches there in simple clothes and Ali assumes she might come here in simple get up. The thieves also reach her. Mariam hides her face.

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