Ali Baba- Dastaan-e- Kabul 13th September 2022 Written Update: Ali meets Mariam being unaware of the fact she is Sehzaadi

Ali Baba- Dastaan-e- Kabul 13th September 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Mariam meeting the thief to give him the Talisman but then Ali makes an announcement of the gathering for the Sultan’s demise. He asks everyone to attend the prayer. Mariam gets emotional hearing that and the thief thinks if everyone will be present in the gathering then they might find Sehzaadi there. Ali’s kids are making something and there Nazia suggests Kasim that he should join the gathering for Sultan’s demise and it will benefit him, if he gains some sympathy from the Sehzaadi there. He might get coins. Kasim says he is already getting it from Musa then whats the need. He calls her fool and she says he will get to buy more expensive perfumes if he gets more coins. Kasim gets convinced and the kids overhear their talk.

Kids decide to stop Kasim from reaching the royal people because Ali’s plan will not succeed if Kasim gets involved. Ali waits for the people to come with his friends. Ali says why anyone didn’t come yet? Mariam reaches there by covering her face and Baizaad’s men also reach there along with the thieves. They search for Sehzaadi. Ali washes his face and more people arrive. He notices Mariam and feels like she is Sehzaadi. He then says that’s not her, she looks different than others. Baizaad’s men keep eyes on all ladies and they try to find the royal mark too.

Mariam recalls how her father got killed. She says she couldnt thank him enough but he left her before that. She says if he was here, he would have told her to not lose hope. So she is doing the same and she is alright. She prays that her father gets place in heaven after death. Ali notices her dedication and says everyone should pray like her. He gets busy in finding Mariam again. Ali overhears two people’s talk that they are also searching for Sehzaadi just for huge reward. Ali says there are enough competitors who can snatch the reward from him. He has to find Sehzaadi first by hook or crook. He can’t hear taunts from Nazia. He wishes to see her first, and due to close contact between the lockets his wish gets fulfilled and Mariam comes near him.

Ali’s kids try to fool Kasim by cooking up a story, that the thieves are stealing the stuffs from Kabul people in their absence. They also love perfumes a lot. They have to be careful. Kasim feels insecure thinking about his perfumes. He goes back home and checks upon his perfumes. He says noone can steal them, he is not leaving them. Nazia asks him does he love her so much? He says he is worried about his perfumes. Ali looks at Mariam and greets her by showing Salam.

Mariam also does the same. He feels why she is hiding her left hand? Khusro asks him whom he is looking at? Ali sees Mariam left. Ali looks for Sehzaadi and goes to tie a holy thread and Mariam is also tying thread at the same time. He gets suspicious looking at her and asks who is she? Mariam leaves and bumps into Baizaad’s men. She hides seeing them and leaves from there. Khusro asks Ali why Mariam didnt show up yet in the gathering? She should have come. Ali says Mariam might come here in simple attire not in royal attire. Thief thinks noone can leave this place until he finds Sehzaadi.

Precap- Zorabar tells everyone that Ali called this gathering for his own selfish motive not for Sultan. He tells everyone to leave, Ali gets upset and the thief sets the place on fire to find Mariam. Thief sees the Talisman and is about to catch her but Ali saves Mariam and notices the royal mark on her hand. Dadi says it’s time for Ali and Mariam to unite.

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