Ali Baba- Dastaan-e-Kabul 14th November 2022 Written Update: Mariam and Poya go to steal ration in Royal Street

Ali Baba- Dastaan-e-Kabul 14th November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Mamuli Gully people worrying that their food is finished. Nothing is left. Zorawar tells his men that he doesn’t care if Mamuli Gully people die out of hunger. They have enough food now after stealing more. Ali thinks Zorawar is behind this conspiracy for sure. He finds a stuff belongs to Royal Street people. He becomes sure Zorawar is the culprit. Mariam asks Ali what is happening around, he tells her about Zorawar’s act and Mariam says he will get punished for his crime. Ali leaves and asks Poya to hear some secret talk to get some clue about Zorawar.

Poya helps Ali and they overhear what Zorawar is telling his people that Mamuli Gully people will soon become empty and they will easily spend days with the enough food. He celebrates with his people and Poya says it seems Zorawar is talking. Ali says alone that he got the magical locket only for these reasons. Now he will teach good lesson to Zorawar. Mariam gives food to some poor people in Mamuli Gully. She suggests them to share with each other. One of them falls unconscious and Mariam feels bad for them, she thinks she will make things right at any cost and will arrange food for the hungry people. Poya explains the other kids how he got coins miraculously and Mariam also won the gambling game. Alifi says that’s nearly impossible and he should not lie. Poya says he is not lying, later Nafi says how Zorawar stole food with his men. The food is kept inside a godown in Royal Street. Mariam asks Poya for his help to distract the guards near the Royal Street. She says like how Royal Street people stole the food from Mamuli Gully, they will do the same with them.

Poya involves the guards into a fight and Mariam enters the Royal Street secretly with him. Ali becomes invisible with his magic and enters Zorawar’s room to keep eyes on him. Zorawar says Ali doesnt have any idea about what they did. Ali thinks he is such a fool. Mariam tells Poya that they can’t find the food godown yet, they disguise themselves into dancers and meet Zorawar. Poya tells him that they want to entertain them. Ali recognises them and thinks Zorawar is so drunk that he can’t even realise that’s Poya and Mariam. Zorawar agrees to enjoy their dance performance. Mariam starts dancing and Poya accompanies her.

Mariam leaves to find the ration godown as Zorawar is busy enjoying the moment. Ali realises that Mariam wants to help Mamuli Gully people by searching the ration for them here. He gets delighted seeing her efforts and he helps her find the godown with his magic. She notices a path and follows that. She removes some cover and finds the huge amount of ration. Zorawar beats up his servant for not doing his job properly. Ali sends Poya to Mariam with his magic as this is not the right place for him to stay. Poya hears Mariam’s voice and goes away. Ali creates confusion between Zorawar and his men. He attacks them with sword and hits them being invisible. He talks with changed voice that they won’t be spared for torturing innocent people. Zorawar gets scared hearing that and asks him to show up. Poya reaches Mariam and she says she found the ration and now they have to take it away to give it to Mamuli Gully people.

Precap- Mariam tells Ali that without food Parbaaz people will die, Ali says forty thieves are behind this game. He decides to snatch the treasure from Simsim’s cave.

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