Ali Baba- Dastaan-e-Kabul 15th November 2022 Written Update: Ali fails to take away the treasure from Simsim’s cave

Ali Baba- Dastaan-e- Kabul 15th November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Zorawar trying to figure out how the sword is flying. Ali talks in different voice and orders Zorawar and his men to utter Mamuli Gully zindabad! He scolds them for doing wrong. Zorawar and his men follow his orders. Mariam goes to Mamuli Gully ignoring the guards. She brings back the ration for the poor people and everyone blesses her. Mariam says first it will be distributed to kids then to older ones. Mariam gets delighted to receive everyone’s blessings. She misses her father. Ali sends the table of royal food to Mamuli Gully with his magic. Zorawar wonders how it’s going away on its own. Ali thinks Zorawar always tortured Mamuli Gully people now he will get a lesson.

Mamuli Gully people get surprised to see the huge amount of royal food. They start eating happily and Mariam feels happy. She asks Ali that hows it possible? Ali says he is also wondering. Later she says she felt like someone was helping her to get the ration in Royal Street and maybe God helped her. Ali smiles and then Mariam shares her worries with him that other villages of Kabul will not survive for long without food so they have to find a solution of it soon. Ali says it’s happening because of the forty thieves who stored huge amount of treasure. Everyone should get it equally so he decides to snatch them away from the thieves.

Thieves tell Simsim that Kabul people are craving for food and now they will search for the magician hurriedly. Simsim says magician will try to take the treasure and it’s her intuition. There Kabul people snatch each other’s ration. Ali prepares to leave for Simsim’s cave. He hides his face from his people. Simsim says it took long to gather all the treasure they have in the cave. They did all these to rule over Kabul, but Ali can’t snatch the treasure easily from them.

Ali reaches near the cave and Simsim says she knows the magician will surely apply magic to get the treasure but she won’t let that happen. Ali wishes to get the treasure but his magic doesn’t work. He feels why it’s not working. Simsim laughs at him and says it’s not that easy to take away their treasure, she finds it funny when humans try to become magician. Ali checks by a growing a flower with his magic. It works, he thinks then why he is not getting the treasure.

Simsim says she has evil power of magic and before he could take the treasure she safeguarded them with her own magic. She adds Ali will come here to take the treasure and he is being restless now thinking why his magic is not working. She is waiting for the moment when he will enter the cave then she will kill him. Thieves wait for her order, Ali rides his horse and heads towards the cave.

Precap- Ali says khul ja Simsim and enters the cave to take the treasure. Simsim sees him and chokes him with her magic.

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