Ali Baba- Dastaan-e-Kabul 16th November 2022 Written Update: Mariam goes to find Kartar Singh

Ali Baba- Dastaan-e- Kabul 16th November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Ali wishing to get the treasure of forty thieves. His magic doesn’t work and he thinks why it’s not working. He feels he only did small magic till now but to steal the treasure he has to get inside the cave. Forty thieves leave the cave and Ali thinks the thieves left and it’s the right time to steal the treasure in their absence. He says he will handle Simsim alone. Simsim thinks she will kill the magician the moment he will enter the cave to take the treasure. Mariam gets distracted while practicing the sword fighting. She thinks Ali is fine or not. Daragazi defeats her and she falls down. He scolds her for not concentrating properly. He says she has to prove that she is capable of win Kabul back from Saddam. He gives her a task and there he tells one soldier that though he is being rude to Sehzaadi but it’s for her own good. She needs to be expert at fighting. He takes a person’s name Kartar Singh who prepares gun powder, bomb etc. He says without Kartar’s help they cant get Kabul. Mariam thinks she will prove her capability to Daragazi and will find out Kartar Singh.

Ali goes near the treasure thinking where is Simsim hiding? He thinks he will take the treasure secretly. He starts filling his bag and Simsim says she will annoy him now as he is a fool who thinks he can fool her. She disappears and reappears in front of Ali and shocks him. She attacks him with her magic and he falls. Simsim says he lacks brain as he is a human. She says he doesn’t deserve to get this treasure but it only belongs to them. Mariam walks on street and two guards stop her asking where is she going? She says she is here to witness some slaves. She gives the guards coins and goes in. They think Mariam will land in trouble.

Ali says Simsim is oversmart that she is claiming these treasure as her own. These belong to the Parbaaz people from whom she stole it. He will get it back from her and he has everyone’s blessings, she doesn’t know the meaning of blessings as she never got it. She says that’s why those people are dying, he says humans are optimistic and they can win anything with that hope. He talks about love and Simsim mocks him saying she even broke the moon apart for her love. He says love doesn’t mean breaking, but it unites. He says a human only defeated her Iblis she should not forget that. She should stay with them to understand how special they are. She smiles saying he is really overconfident.

Mariam meets the head in the slaves’ place. She calls herself as a messenger of Saddam. She gives a royal coin as a proof. She says she wants to know about Kartar Singh. Simsim gives a chance to Ali to give her the Talisman. He says he is enough to defeat her. His magic doesn’t work on her which surprises him. She says it’s her cave and no magic can affect her here. She says she will show him her power now. She chokes him with her magic. She forces him to give her the Talisman. He says he didn’t bring it here. He doesn’t have that. She hangs him upside down. She notices the Talisman locket tied around his wrist. She gets happy.

Precap- Mariam goes to meet Kartar Singh and asks him to turn around. Ali tells Simsim that he is giving her the locket.

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