Ali Baba- Dastaan-e-Kabul 17th November 2022 Written Update: Ali gets beaten by the forty thieves

Ali Baba- Dastaan-e-Kabul 17th November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Simsim hanging Ali upside down. She notices the talisman tied around his wrist. She drops him and gets the Talisman from him which fell down. She thinks he is afraid of death thus he gave her the locket. Simsim realises thats not the talisman and Ali fooled her again. Ali says to Simsim from his hideout that he has brain which they lack. Simsim says he cant run away from her. He is still in the cave. Mariam asks the slave head about Kartar Singh but noone tells her about him saying they are not allowed to give his information. He leaves. Mariam says she is Saddam’s special messenger and whoever will give her Kartar’s information she will give him thousand coins. One person tells her that Kartar is alive and he will tell about his location if she gives him more coins. She agrees and asks him to take her to Kartar tomorrow. She thinks she will herself bring Kartar to Daragazi.

Ali runs towards the cave door and utters the spell Khul ja Simsim. The door opens but the thieves come in. He gets scared and tries to escape from there but Simsim says he tortured them enough, not anymore. She chases Ali with the thieves. Ali somehow jumps over the thieves and tries to get out of the cave but his magic doesn’t work. He thinks what kind of magic Ali applied. Ali again gets attacked by Simsim. He falls down and thieves try to attack him but he uses their magic against them. Simsim thinks he is very clever.

Ali runs away and Simsim says she wants the Talisman today at any cost. They will even kill Ali for that. Ali covers himself with the treasure and hides from them. Kids talk about where did Ali go all of a sudden? Nowadays he didn’t tell them anything before leaving. They try to fix his timing of going out. Alifi tells them to behave like kids not like adults. They share a funny conversation and later go to eat food. Mariam goes to that place where Kartar is staying. Thieves look for Ali in the cave and he thinks if he comes out he will die today for sure. Simsim says the magician is cunning and they have to do something to take him out of his hideout.

Thieves put swords in the treasure and Ali feels he is going to die today. Simsim finds him applying magic. Nazia gets annoyed because Ali and Mariam both are not here to help her. She blabbers and kids think of impressing her to get food else Nazia will not give them food. Kids start praising Nazia’s cooking and says even Kasim is in love with her cooking. He was praising her. Nazia gets happy to know that and decides to give them delicious dish. Kids wait for Ali’s arrival. Simsim tells the thieves to catch Ali and kill him brutally. Ali gets hit by a stone and gets hurt. Simsim says he will get buried under the treasure.

Precap- Thieves beat Ali to death, and he faints. Simsim says finally the magician died.

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